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Dead men do tell tales 12

It's hard to quantify what makes a game like Ghost Trick so endearing. Much like the Ace Attorney series before it, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective just has a kind of immeasurable charm that is difficult to accurately express through language alone. Perhaps it speaks solely to the strength of the writing, but if one thing is for certain it is that Shu Takumi has delivered once again on the concept of an enthralling virtual narrative.    It's hard to talk about Ghost Trick and not at least pay men...

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Transformative. 11

I'm not here to tell you that this may be the best version of Pac-man ever released or that this is one of the best games available on XBLA and PSN.  NO. This is not a review, this is an account.  I'm here to tell you how Pac-man is all consuming, how it sucks you in and never let's go. This is a game that dares you to stop playing,  a game that constantly reminds you that YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH.   You turn the game on, and already you are drawn in. You are hit with a blast of neon radiance and...

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Holy Shit. 3

You know, as long as I've been anticipating the release of this game on the Xbox Live Marketplace, I did not expect this. Monday Night Combat is not just a great downloadable game, it is a great game in general. What's on tap here is almost enough to rival the likes of every other multiplayer juggernaut that thrives on the 360, and it has far more value than its $15 price tag warrants.  Let's start with the modes. While the most publicized DotA like mode Crossfire is in full effect, that isn't a...

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LFG, Dracula 1

Castlevania is a name that has come to represent a very particular experience. Big castles, tough bosses, and a pretty decent length. When I first caught wind of Harmony of Despair that's what I was expecting, just with more people. As it turns out, Castlevania HD is not that game, but as it turns out that may have been for the best.  If this game has taught me anything it's that funneling six people down the same corridor doesn't work. Castlevania HD is at it's best when it has your team workin...

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Fuck, I dunno. 2

You know, Limbo is exactly the kind of game that should appeal to me. It's a 2D platformer, already big points there, with a very unique atmospheric setting and visual style. I mean, this is the kind of shit my dreams are made of. The being said, after completing the game in a very intense single sitting I can say without regret: "meh."   Look it's not that Limbo is a bad game, It's just a very uneven experience. The first few sections of the game are fucking fantastic by anyone's standards. You...

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That's pretty much as close as it gets 0

Ghostbusters is the first time someone has been able to nail down the experience everyone envisions a Ghostbusters game being. Bustin' ghosts, saving the city, and trying that pole. The authenticity of the experience is far and away better than nearly every other big name movie game on the market. Quite honestly, when you strip away the smoke and mirrors Ghostbusters is, for the most part, your average third person shooter. However, the atmosphere, pacing, and subtle yet ingenious touches to det...

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The Great Irony of XNA 1

Who would have thought that one of the brightest stars to come out of the current XNA releases would be a game that is literally a black screen. Perhaps one may call In the Pit a gimmick and not true innovation, but for all things considered this game is quite possibly one of the best stealth games ever conciencieved. The short version is that you are a blind, hungry beast and it is your job to find and devour your opponents using only the sound of their breathing and movements. Basically, you c...

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