My thoughts: Tekken X Street Fighter/Street Fighter X Tekken

If anyone knows me at all, they know I'm a hardcore Tekken player (and if you didn't, now you do.) which is why my confusion regarding 2 games as different as Tekken and Street Fighter joining together for a crossover. At first I was doubtful, when my friend told me about it via text I immediately put if off as a joke or something. Then, when I looked it up out of sheer curiosity, I was quite suprised (and slightly dismayed) that these two rivals of franchises were teaming up. Reading on, I discovered there'd be TWO different, but similar games. One with the Tekken engine, and another with the SF engine, so basically a 2D one and 3D one. I then had a heated argument with myself of how impossible this would be to pull off. Projectiles with Tekken characters? Long ass juggles with Street Fighter veterans? How oh how will this work? 
After seeing a trailer and gameplay video, I have to say I'm actually pleasantly suprised! The battle they showed was Street Fighter engined and completely! Even down to the announcer, it was Street Fighter 4 in the flesh! But on the right side of the screen stood a stranger to that strange world. Ryu vs. Kazuya Mishima and what a fight! The fight went on in a classic Street Fighter way (with notable differences whick I go over below) with Kazuya dishing his classic Electric Wind God Fists and always spammable uf4,4,4,4 and no one coming out the victor but instead a ''To be Continued!'' wipe. There were some things I noticed that might seem alien to veteran SF and Tekken players alike: 
- 2 vs 2 battles. While we Tekken players got a taste of that in Tekken Tag Tournament, this is completely new to Street Fighter (to my knowledge) and is a worthy note. 
- Ryu pulled off a weak punch Shoryuken to a heavy punch Shoryuken in one combo and no EX or anything. This would mean juggles will play an integral part in both games. 
- At the very beginning, Ryu pulled a Hadouken, a projectile, at Kazuya who has no projectiles (Or does he?) who did a little forward dash, dodging it. I suspect every Tekken character will have this as projectiles in Tekken are nearly non-existant. 
- The stage they were on is of Tekken atmosphere, with a destroyed NANCY robot laying there.  
- Walls seem to play a much bigger role now as I saw Ryu deliver a regular looking kick to Kaz, bouncing him off the wall into a combo.  
- Double ultras look nice, but seem random and un-comboable. This might be changed/fixed. 
Well I will say that I am actually quite hyped for this and expect good things. I am however, still curious on how 2D Street Fighter peeps will fare on 3D Tekken ground.