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  • Maajin posted a message on the post Game of the Year 2019: Day Five Deliberations.

    @dan_citi said:From someone who really loved The Witness, I'm surprised Jeff didn't like Outer Wilds so much. His phrase for that game that "yo this game is like Metroid but the Ice Beam is your mind...

  • Maajin posted a message on the post GIANT BOMB WINTER GAMES 2019.

    The audio was absolutely fine. This was great, thanks!

  • Maajin posted a message on the post Video Game Plots Dan Didn't Understand in 2019 [SPOILERS].

    Either Dan's memory is actually amazing, or maybe I should start really worrying about mine. I also played MK11 paying full attention to the story, and I would not be able at all to recall why the ti...