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  • What else can be said that hasn't already been said when it comes to Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Easily one of the best gaming experiences of the year, and one of the most enjoyable games I've played in the last ten years or so. It's hard to really see how developers Naughty Dog could have made it better. A simply stunning single player adventure, which finally saw the potential of the first game met and some of the most visually stunning graphics in the industry. Multiplayer that was fun and addictive, what else can I mention.

    Haven't played Uncharted 2: Among Thieves? Well what are you waiting for?

  • There was once a time where I wouldn't give the FIFA franchise a second look, despite growing up playing mostly FIFA's attempt at the beautiful game, it was quickly dominated by Konami's more simulated and realistic Pro Evolution Soccer series But how things change, EA Sports and the development team in Canada have done a simply stunning job with the FIFA franchise, bringing it new life and seeing it become the king of the football simulation game. While more development is still needed for the franchise, FIFA 10 was easily one of the best football experiences on the virtual screen I've ever had and for the first time in a long while I found myself almost totally ignoring what Konami was offering in their latest attempt.

    A football game created by those who love football.

  • When I bought InFamous, I honestly wasn't expecting to like it so much. But it was one of the best examples of open world action/adventure done right. Fluid, open and oh so thrilling InFamous kept me hooked throughout. Traversing the world was a simple delight and the powers Cole McGrath obtained were both unique to the path you took (good or bad) and so much fun to actually use. It was nice to play a game that took the whole superhero/villain in a different direction and do it so well. Yes it suffered from some flat side missions, but even they were often more enjoyable then what most games offer you when it comes to this genre.

    InFamous is one PS3 title every gamer should consider.

  • While I have yet to fully complete Assassins Creed 2 (yes you can moan about it being on my list, but it's MY list), I am rather confident in putting this latest Ubisoft entry onto my GOTY list. Reworking and building on many of what made the original Assassins Creed so wonderful and such a pain to play, AC2 is a simple pleasure to play. Few games have done open traverse so well and do it in such style. One thing that as been an absolute delight to experience is being part of the Italian Renaissance, Ubisoft Montreal have done a simply stunning job in recreating that unique and wondrous time.

    Desmond Miles as never had it better.

  • The Beatles were a very special band, and The Beatles: Rock Band is a beautiful tribute to why they became so loved by millions. Their music is both unique, stunning and delightful all at the same time and Harmonix's fitting tribute to the fabulous four from Liverpool was one of my highlights this year in gaming. Yes it wasn't the hardest music rhythm game out there, and yes it was rather short. But that wasn't the point, it was about understanding and appreciating what The Beatles were all about. For me it was almost an hypnotic experience, and I haven't stopped listening to their wonderful music since.

    A Beatles game that couldn't be better.

  • Dragon Age: Origins scares me, not in the fright sort of way. But in the 'oh my god, how in living hell am I going to complete this game' in that sort of way. The latest Bioware offering is one of their best, having played around 20 or so hours of Origins, I can confidently say it's the best the PC as offered this year by far. Deep combat, deep storyline and lore that I could wet myself over. What more is there to ask?..... well ok Knights of the old Republic 3 would be nice but Dragon Age: Origins defiantly pleases that urge somewhat.

    Truly the age, for this to go on my list.

  • Colin McRae DIRT 2 as a lot I dislike, I don't like the Americanization of the whole franchise from it's rally almost British roots, and I don't like some of the forms of racing they offer. But you can't deny what a fun racer it is, oh and how good it looks. Arguably one of the best looking games this year, DIRT 2 offered some great improvements over the previous attempt. Codemasters continue to prove that they know how to make a good racer, I absolutely loved Race Driver: GRID and I can't wait for the new Formula One game coming in 2010. But DIRT 2 was one of the best racing experience had on any system and defiantly worth your attention.

    Colin McRae would be proud (R.I.P)

  • I'm not a huge Batman fan, though I prefer him to the absolute dullness of say Superman. But I wasn't over excited about Batman: Arkham Asylum, especially coming from such an unknown developer in UK based Rocksteady games. But boy was I surprised, so good was Arkham Asylum that even my Batman hating friend fell in love with it. No game as done the dark crusader better and if Rocksteady games can keep up the simply stunning levels of their first attempt, well then I think all gamers are in for a total treat come the release of it's recently announced sequel.

    A Batman fan's wet dream.

  • While being yet another game I've yet to get around to competing, Borderlands as won my heart already. An odd sort of shooter from the folks who bought us the rather wonderful Brothers in Arms franchise, Borderlands isn't your common sort of FPS. No, for it's unique mix of Diablo like loot and mixed combat makes it one of the most unique offerings on console this year. While a better storyline would be great, Borderlands isn't really about the story it tells but the fun had with actually playing it. Plus the recently released downloadable content looks tempting to play. It's defiantly worth a look if you are after something a little off track from your Modern Warfare 2. Though the much advertised co-op felt a little flat to me.

    Borderlands is different to Modern Warfare 2, enough said.

  • While I didn't go head over heels for Modern Warfare 2, you can't deny that it does what it does well. A short, confusing but still fun single player campaign and multiplayer that adds to the solid foundations placed down with the original Modern Warfare. MW2 is a fine example of a first-person shooter done right. Still I can moan about some of the smaller details, the lack of love for the PC version and how I lost a huge amount of respect for developers Infinity Ward (a developer I have loved for years). I can't deny it a place on my list, even if it won't be as high as most other gamers.

    Modern Warfare 2 builds upon already stunning groundwork.