Games I've Played/Completed - 2015 Edition.

Simple list so that I may catalogue the games I've played or completed in the year 2015. This list is for my own purpose as much as anything as I like to look back at what I've completed in the past year when December comes around. Hopefully I'll be a little more up to date this year than I've been in previous years.

List items

  • The PS4 version as been visually upgraded and looks better than ever running at 60 frames per second. This stunning game as received one of the most subtle yet impressive remastering to date.

  • This standalone downloadable adventure set in the Universe of InFamous: Second Son is a fun, if repetitive experience. A strong likeable female protagonist and some fun trial-like missions show of InFamous strong combat mechanics and hectic gameplay.

  • Life is Strange is an odd one, whilst it flustered early on its only showing glimpses of its true story telling potential within the first few episodes. Its refreshing to see another take on a genre usually dominated by Telltale Games and with a unique visual style and some wonderful use of songs, Life is Strange as been an enjoyment ride so far.

  • Better than it first appears, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare feels like a refreshing alternative to army men/women running around acting all tough and dramatic. Garden Warfare might be light on modes, but it as a enjoyable sense of humour and style and plays well online with friends or absolute strangers.

  • Whilst it never quite equals the splendour of Mortal Kombat, this latest DC fighting game from the folks at NetherRealm Studios is just as fun. It doesn't quite scratch the same itch as Mortal Kombat but a strong story offering and a diverse cast of heroes/villians makes Injustice: Gods Among Us a worthwhile fighting game.

  • Whatever might be said about Telltale's unique methods of storytelling, I can't deny my love for their work. The Walking Dead, Wolf Among Us and now Tales of the Borderlands proves how far they've come as a developer. Tales is a splendid, funny and action packed adventure set in a Universe I'm quite fond of, its like a love letter to me.

  • A visual upgrade on the PS4 and a cast of new characters who all play in their own unique way helps LittleBigPlanet 3 from feeling stale and despite falling a little short in the story mode, the creation tools on offer are just as amazing and overwhelming as they've ever been. One thing is for sure, the LBP community remains as creative and wondrous as ever.

  • We don't see to many games set in World War one, yet Ubisoft's Valiant Hearts: The Great War proves that there are many great tales to tell. A delightfully grim yet heart-warming adventure, Valiant Hearts as stuck with me in a way few games have over the years. Its an history lesson within a game and some beautifully produced music is the icing on the cake. A must play for all.

  • Part of the Bayonetta Wii U bundle (featuring Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2) it was fun to return to the original game that I completed all those years ago. It was even better to find how well the combat holds up. A fantastic beat-em-up with some incredible levels of depth, Bayonetta tells a sometimes awkward but charming story and features some breathtaking set pieces.

  • An improvement over its original in almost every way, Bayonetta 2 is a beat-em-up masterpiece. Improvements made to the already superb combat keeps things constantly fresh and an army of new and exciting enemies to wit your skills against constantly keeps you on the edge of your seat. While it might have had a slightly troubled development until Nintendo came on-board, it was all worth it in what is one of the Wii U's best games to date.

  • It appears to have split some fans of this popular franchise, but for me Arkham Knight is the best batman game to date. Some might bemoan the over use of the batmobile but I found racing around gotham a constant thrill till the very end, after I'd nearly driven myself mad collecting all of the Riddler's trophies and challenges. Still, this is in my opinion one of the best games of 2015 so far.

  • This stunning masterpiece as hit the PS4, remaining as wonderful and memorable as it was when I first experienced ThatGameCompany's most recent creation. A breathtaking soundtrack and a wonderful use of multiplayer makes Journey a real personal favourite of mine.