Games I've Completed - 2013 Edition.

So lately (as in the past two years) I've gotten terrible at finishing games. So what better way to motivate myself than to create a list of games I finished in the year 2013. These games don't particularly need to have been released in 2013, but have been completed this year.

List in no particular order!

List items

  • Of all the games I've played this year, Gearbox Software's Borderlands 2 as kept me coming back time and time again. A fantastic loot driven shooter, Borderlands 2 improves on almost all areas of it's predecessor. Fun, frantic and a welcomed challenge now and again, Borderlands 2 is easy to recommend.

  • I've had a strange experience with the Mass Effect franchise, having adored the original game with it's in-depth lore and wonderful surroundings and than Mass Effect 2, which upon my first playthrough I found dull and forgettable. However I decided to give the series a second chance and played through both Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 this year. All in all I'm satisfied with how things ended, even if things ended on a strange note. Mass Effect 3 is a flawed experience, one that frustrated me now and than, yet still excited me and at the end of the day I was glad to have a played the trilogy. For all it's troubles, I'd still recommended the series.

  • Halo 4's a strange one. Part of me questions the need of another trilogy featuring the Master Chief and theirs another part of me that still gets a kick out of shooting the covenant in the face. Yes Halo 4 was a solid shooter that handled perfectly fine and played well, for the most part. But even after completing the campaign and playing a fair share of the multiplayer, it still feels somewhat pointless at a time when franchises are prepping for new hardware and it's so late in the cycle. Still, like Halo? You'll like Halo 4.

  • Remember Me divided me, there's some smart ideas behind this DONTNOD Entertainment developed game, but repetitive combat and some weak mechanics contribute to making Remember Me a lackluster overall offering. That said, there's still something here worth checking out if you can get over the poor combat and over reliance on linear traversal.

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  • The Last of Us is a splendid new IP from the talented folks at Naughty Dog, the men and women behind the Uncharted franchise. The Last of Us is a uniquely different experience, one that is tense, emotional and simply brilliant throughout. One of the best games of 2013 easily.

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  • Bioshock Infinite will find itself at the talking point of many GOTY discussions towards the end of 2013 and for good reason. Ken Levine and the fine folks at Irrational Games developed a memorable experience that excites, thrills and makes to reconsider how story telling in video games is done. This is a must play, even if you don't care for shooters.

  • Having loved Ninja Theory's Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, I was intrigued by just how DMC: Devil May Cry would turn out. Despite all the DMC fans getting their pants in a twist because it wasn't the same old DMC game we've seen time and time again, DMC: Devil May Cry turned out to a fun and approachable beat-em-up with a great sense of style and place. One just hopes Capcom gives Ninja Theory the chance to make a sequel.

  • Deadpool is your typical hack and slash beat-em-up, one which humor will either win you over or make you hate every moment of it. Deadpool is okay at the very best, but maybe that's okay.


  • Saints Row: The Third is the definition of stupid fun. It's a reminder of why you loved the likes of Grand Theft Auto 3 and GTA: San Andreas. It's a game that never takes itself seriously, resulting in a well developed and most importantly, fun open world action game like no other. Whilst far from perfect, the best thing that can be said for Saints Row: The Third is that it's pure, stupid fun.

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  • Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is a fun solid shooter based around the gameplay mechanics of Far Cry 3, though with a cosmetic style of it's very own. Whilst far from original or packed with content, there's certainly something to be said for what Ubisoft have created here.

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  • Visually Brothers is a strikingly beautiful game, from the wonderful clean artistic designs of the environments to the imagery you'll witness as you go on your travels into spectacular and dangerous lands. Without going into spoils, Brothers strikes you as a game that's been developed with love and care, nothing feels out of place and you'll certainly find yourself stopping and taking a seat on a bench to witness the spectacular views it as to offer. This visual design is matched by it's outstanding sound design, with the inhabitants of the lands you travel speaking a made up language that's able to communicate emotion scenes well without sounding disconnected. Special mention must also be paid to the game's soundtrack, which is one of the best I've heard this year.

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  • Don't judge Saints Row 4 on looks alone. Yes it might look and play like Saints Row: The Third, but developers Volition have polished the experience to a point where there's rarely a low point. It's so much more than a simple cash-in, because it does a great deal more to be the open world sandbox game you've always wanted to. It gives you all the tools and more, and simply stands back and asks you to have all the fun you want. It never takes itself seriously, which makes it so charming to see how the story develops and leaves you never knowing what might happen next. Saints Row 4 is more than just another Saints Row game, it's the best the franchise as seen and one of the most enjoyable, funny and downright fun open world games I've ever had the honor of playing. It's just pure fun and there's something to be said for that.

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  • Poker Night 2 is the sequel to Telltale Games' Poker at the Inventory released back in 2010. With a cast of familiar characters including Claptrap, Brock Samson, Ash Williams and Sam from Sam and Max, there's some humor and wit written throughout. However it's far from a great representation of poker and won't be enough for those looking for something a little more captivating.

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