Games I've Completed - 2014 Edition.

It's simple, a list of games that I've been bothered enough to complete in the year 2014. These games might not have necessarily been released in 2014 but I've completed them in this specific year. Why? For my own reference more than anything come the years end.

List items

  • A beautifully flawed Final Fantasy, XIII provides moments of spark and genius but is let down by some lackluster story telling and characters that appear to go out of their way to be irritating.

  • A simple RPG at heart, however it's South Park's wonderful use of humor that makes this splendid release one to remember. Some great show call backs and memorable moments made this a delightful experience.


  • Pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this reboot of this storied franchise. Crystal Dynamics provide a worthy tribute to Lara in this Uncharted inspired hit that looks as splendid as it plays. Highly recommended.


  • An under-appreciated hit, Dust: An Elysian Tail is as fun to play as it is to watch in action. Whilst it's art style split some folks, I personally had a blast with this metroidvania inspired indie hit.


  • Black Flag is Assassin's Creed finally getting its groove back. After a few disappointing entries into one of my favorite franchises, Black Flag returned the series back to it's best with some great storytelling twists and a beautiful world to explore.


  • Bastion is a wonderful game that looks as good as it plays. Beautiful artistic design is matched by some great responsive controls which results in one of the most entertaining indie hits of recent years.