PAX Guide 2019: East Edition

Eight years, y'all. EIGHT YEARS! We've been doing this guide for a long damn time. Admittedly, it hasn't changed much in recent years, but that's because I think that thanks to countless duders' input, we've kinda nailed it down at this point. But, I always want to post it again with the current PAX's schedule and whatnot. I've also reluctantly removed all the EverQuest icons because they look like garbage on the mobile version.

Whether PAX East 2019 is your first PAX or your twenty-second like me, this is for you. Despite years of refinement, if you have something that needs to be added, let us know in the comments.


We probably won't have to deal with six feet of snow this year.
We probably won't have to deal with six feet of snow this year.

It's gotten better in the last few years, but the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center is still kinda in the middle of nowhere. Logan International Airport is just a few minutes from the convention center, but it's about a mile walk from there into the heart of Boston where most of the fun stuff is.

If you're landing at the airport, you should almost definitely hop on the Silver Line. It's FREE going into the city from Logan and, if you were lucky enough to get a hotel near the convention center, it'll take you right past most of them. If you weren't so lucky, the Silver Line will drop you at South Station, which is a hub that will get you to basically anywhere else in the city. If you're going to be in town all week and plan on going anywhere that's not right by the convention center, throw $10 or $20 on MBTA "Charlie Card" since each ride you take is going to cost about $3.

Check for your hotel on Google maps, locate the closest "T" station (it'll be real easy), and work backwards to South Station. Even if you're not a city kid, it's quite simple. If you need help, there's plenty of Boston natives hanging around on the site, so ask away in the comments below.

Giant Bomb (and Fam) @ PAX

You might spot a Giant Bomb staff member randomly on the show floor (just don't bother them if they're shooting something), but your best bet is one of these panels. As usual, I've also included some other panels that might be GB adjacent? Translation: "Wrestlers and/or Dave Lang are involved."

For most panels, you're going to need to line up early if want a good seat. As a general rule, I'd suggest going to most panels an hour early. For the super popular ones, there's a bit of loitering skill involved. Enforcers will not allow you to line up until the line for the previous panel goes inside, what you need to do to get in the actual line as soon as that happens.

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This is a perfectly normal example of your typical PAX panel.
This is a perfectly normal example of your typical PAX panel.

The Enforcers

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Enforcers are a legion of volunteers that make PAX run efficiently. It would be a hot mess without them. In the old days, they would don the black. But, now that there are multiple versions of PAX, East Enforcers are coated in red. If you need help with anything, just look for one of them. They’re never too far away. And if they ask you nicely to do something (like move out of an aisle/walkway), please do so.

They don't always wear armor like this guy to the right. Just most of the time.


Welcome home.
Welcome home.

Even if you don’t normally use Twitter, you should sign up just to follow these accounts while you’re at PAX. It’s the best and easiest way to get up-to-the-minute updates on what’s going on.

  • @official_pax - The important stuff.
  • @pax_lines - Updates on theatre/panel lines and when they get capped.
  • @paxparties - An unofficial feed for the unofficial parties going on all weekend.

The Packing List

Here's what you need to bring with you especially if you're coming in from out of town.


Most places (including vendors in the expo hall) will take credit/debit cards, but it’s probably a good idea to carry a little cash just in case. And if you need to hit an ATM, do it early in the day as they sometimes run out of money later on.


Whatever your style of choice is, bring one. Don’t rely on getting a free bag at the show. They’re often cumbersome and there’s no guarantee you’ll find one anyway. Trust me…carrying a bunch of random stuff you pick up throughout the day is going to suck without a backpack.

Phone & Charger

Duh. You need your phone. But don’t be a dumb and forget your charger and/or wall plug. Pro Tip: Turn your brightness down as far as you can tolerate. Keeping up with your friends at night through texts/Twitter/Discord is gonna be tough if your phone dies by 2 PM.

Battery Pack

Consider buying an external USB battery pack. It’s been a life saver for me the last few years. Worth every penny.

Portable Gaming

You will undoubtedly find some downtime (like waiting in line), and you will never be in a better place for local multiplayer. So, go ahead and take your Nintendo Switch out for some commercial-esque multiplayer.

Hand Sanitizer

There will be dispensers scattered around the buildings, but do yourself a favor and toss a little bottle in your bag and use it every time you play something.

Poster Tube

If you can fit it in your luggage, this is a veteran move. You might get a cool poster at PAX. You might even get it signed by Todd Howard. Make sure you have a way to get it home without crushing it.

Trash Bag

Yep. A trash bag. Just throw it in your luggage. Use it later for dirty clothes, which will keep your stank-ass, sweaty socks off of the cool stuff you bring back on the way home.

Every Alex panel is a roller coaster of emotions.
Every Alex panel is a roller coaster of emotions.

The Daily List

Here's a few things that you should do every day. Every. Day.


For the love of Bristlebane, please! It’s not difficult. You're probably paying an arm and a leg for that hotel room you got, so use those amenities.


Walking around for sixteen hours a day for three days requires fuel. It may sound crazy, but you might actually forget to eat and stay hydrated. There aren't a ton of options real close to the convention center. There is a food court on the north side of the convention center, but it's super crowded and generally shitty. There's usually some carnival-type food scattered around in the expo hall as well. Recently, there's also been some food trucks outside the main entrance and on the southern lawn.

But, scope out some of the few nearby locations ahead of time and maybe hit those instead. Try to eat two actual meals a day and carry some snacks for in-between. Alternatively, you could attempt to live on Dunkin for four days.


Time is precious at PAX, but you can’t go non-stop for 100+ hours. Try to get at least 5 or 6 hours a night.

Get Out

Don’t spend all of your time in the convention center. Get out of there once in a while, get some air, grab some real food, see some of the city, etc.

Be Yourself

There’s a special vibe that envelops PAX. If you’ve ever felt weird or strange about the nerdy things you love, know that you’ll never be in a place with more people that enjoy the same things that you do than you ever will be. So, be yourself. Talk to random people in lines. You’re going to have a blast. Welcome home.

That big red block is the convention center. It's about a mile from there to the Regina Pizzeria in the middle. As you can see, most of the food options are on the other side of the bridge.
That big red block is the convention center. It's about a mile from there to the Regina Pizzeria in the middle. As you can see, most of the food options are on the other side of the bridge.

The To-Do List

Now that you've got a checklist of what to bring and some daily advice, here's some tips on how to prepare.

Download Guidebook

Guidebook is the best, easiest way to keep up with all the official PAX info (schedule, maps, announcements, etc.)


The schedule is out now, so start making a list right now of the panels you may want to see and any potential games you want to play. Compare your list with your friends and get a rough idea of what you want to see and do. Inevitably, you’re going to have make some tough decisions as multiple things you’re interested in will overlap. Accept the fact now that you can’t see/do everything, but if you go in there with no plan at all, you’re going to be overwhelmed.

Plan a Backup

Shit happens. Panels get full faster than you thought. Lines get too long to be worth it. The game you wanted to play might actually just be a presentation. Try to have a backup whenever you can. If all else fails, just go spend some more time in…

Indie Megabooth

Arguably the best part of PAX is the slew of indie games available. And, over the last several years, the Indie Megaboothhas established itself as a primary feature of PAX. It houses over seventy games from nearly as many developers and you could spend hours there. It’s also great because you can play a bunch of games without waiting too long. If you see an open station, play it! I don’t care what it is.

Escape the Expo

The expo hall is an amazing spectacle. No doubt about it. But, it's also a trap. Get the hell out of there and do some other stuff once in a while. PAX has so much to offer aside from the expo hall and you shouldn’t miss it. Head upstairs to the Classic Console rooms or the Kickstarter Lounge. Head to the back with the massive Tabletop arenas. You get the point. Go do stuff.

Come to PAX. Meet your heroes.
Come to PAX. Meet your heroes.

The To-Don’t List

A couple little words of warning from a PAX veteran. You'll thank me later.


We all love free stuff, but seriously…don’t be that guy. Don’t wait in line for 45 minutes to play a game you don’t care about just to get a shirt. And please don’t loiter around a headphone booth hoping to catch an inflatable hat. You will get free stuff without trying too hard, so don’t let SWAG ruin your PAX.


Okay, lines are unavoidable. If you want to do much of anything at PAX, you’re gonna wait in some lines. But, this is on the “don’t” list simply to help you make good decisions. Do you really need to wait in line for an hour to play something when it comes out in just a couple weeks? Think about it. Do you really want to wait in line for an hour to watch a new trailer that will be online Monday morning? Time is precious at PAX. Choose wisely.

The expo hall just keeps getting larger every year.
The expo hall just keeps getting larger every year.

The Optional List

Three PAX traditions that should not be ignored. Your interest will likely depend on who is involved, so take note.


The “Storytime” session is typically a great opening ceremony for PAX, especially for first-timers. The Penny Arcade Q&A is once again immediately after this, so if you're a fan of those guys, you should probably go to the keynote to get a good seat. It's one of the few times they don't clear out a theatre before the next event. This year’s speaker is Arin Hanson.


On Saturday night, the Main Theatre will be rocking late into the night. Whether you know anything about the performers or not, the concerts are a great time especially if you don’t have any other late night plans. Saturday night will feature the Doubleclicks, Bit Brigade, and Video Game Orchestra.

Omegathon Finals

The Omegathon is an elimination tournament that takes place throughout the entire weekend between a couple dozen attendees who were randomly selected prior to the show. The final game is always kept a secret until the very end. It’s usually a great closing ceremony, but it totally depends on the game. I’ve seen some great ones like Vs. Excitebike, Ikaruga, Trials Evolution, and (inexplicably) a stuffed animal crane game. But, I’ve also seen some pure train wrecks like Spaceteam and Cornhole. So, I can’t recommend it as much as I used to, but it still has the potential to be awesome.

The Rumble is returning home to Boston!
The Rumble is returning home to Boston!


Celebrating 7 years of British people groping Americans at PAX.
Celebrating 7 years of British people groping Americans at PAX.

Well, that's all I've got. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or complaints, let me hear it. As always, hopefully this will help some people out and maybe I'll see some of you at PAX. Anyway, it's gonna be a blast. Have fun. And, yes, fog machines are still banned.