Wiki Style Guide: How to Properly Add a Game's Release Data


Thanks for taking interest in adding and editing Release data on the site. While it's not a particularly fun or exciting part of the site to edit, it's a fundamental part of the data that the wiki is built upon. So, it's important that we do it correctly. This will serve as a style guide on how we should all be doing this. Failure to do so will lead to submissions being rejected and warnings being issued.

Adding a Release

Long Way (left) - Short Way (right)
Long Way (left) - Short Way (right)

There are two ways to add a Release. The long way and the short way. Feel free to use the quick method, which requires just a Name, Region, and Platform. Though, it is highly encouraged to include the Developer, Publisher, Date, and Image.

If you have the information though, please use the long way as it offers the ability to add much more detail. It's important to get the Release listed, but it's equally important that it be as accurate as possible.

Physical vs Digital

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If the game is released in both variations, the digital version should have a parenthetical in the title of the Release to denote the difference. If the digital release is on PC, there should be a comment in the Notes section of the Release to show which store it is from.

Special Editions

Whether it's a collector's edition, premium edition, SteeBook edition, or "Love is Over" edition, this should be listed as a parenthetical in the title of the Release. If it's a digital version, the word "digital" should also be in that parenthetical (i.e. "Digital Premium Edition").

Early Access

Games that are released in Early Access should have a Release entry for that date with a parenthetical (i.e. "Dota Underlords (Early Access)".

A separate Release entry should be added for the full launch of the game once known.

Editing an Existing Release

Currently, editing a Release can be difficult. If a release doesn't have an image attached, you can add one. Here are the steps required:

  • Hover your mouse over where the image would normally be and click "Edit"
  • Click the tab that reads "Images (0)"
  • Click the red "Add New Image(s)" tab on the right
  • Upload an image
  • Click the "Make default" button, which is to the right of the green "Save" button

If you are having issues with this, please message a moderator and we'll take care of it.


Okay. Here is the complicated part. It may seem nitpicky to some, but it is important that each release has the proper box art and or store image. For example, if a game is released on several different platforms, we shouldn't be using the Steam store's image for all of them. We also shouldn't be using the North American box art for every region. Nor should we be using some generic logo in any situation. So, let's break it down by popular platforms.


PC releases are probably the most complicated at this point due to the various online stores.


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For Steam releases, we should be using the 460x215 "header.jpg" image from the top right corner of the game's store page.

Steam Store


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For Epic Games Store releases, we should be using the 278x158 logo on the left side below the video on the store page. The tricky part about this is that you can't save that logo as an image. You'll need Snipping Tool it on PC or Shift+Cmnd+4 it on Mac.

Epic Games Store


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With the advent of Xbox Play Anywhere and Game Pass, many PC games are available through Microsoft directly. For these, we need to use the 200x300 "apps00000.jpeg" that is found on the game's store page.


Humble releases don't require documentation because they are selling keys that used to redeem the game on other stores.


Play it by ear. If you have questions, let us know and we'll make an official decision.

PlayStation 4

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Console release images are much simpler. You've got your retail box art, which is generally easily obtainable through Amazon. We prefer you use the largest, highest resolution image available. And then you have your digital release image, which should be obtained from the PlayStation Store. This is the 480x480 "image.jpeg" you can find on the top left of the store page.

PSN Store

Xbox One

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Same rules as PS4.

The digital releases should use the 200x300 "apps00000.jpeg" image found on the store page for the game.

Xbox Games Store

Nintendo Switch

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Same rules as PS4 and XONE.

The digital releases should use the 319x305 .png image found on the eShop.

Sometimes Nintendo only provides a 196x319 retail box art here on the eShop. Just use what they give you.

Nintendo eShop

Older Platforms

For older consoles and handhelds, follow the general rules above. For example, use the highest resolution image possible for retail box art. Avoid using photographs of a box whenever possible. If it's a platform that offers digital releases, use the official store's images as described above.


If you have any questions or suggestions about this, feel free to post them below. Or, if you prefer, contact the moderators directly.