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Favorite Game per System

For each system I own, if I had to pick just one game as the best and/or favorite, this would be it.

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  • PC - Was there any question?

  • TI-99/4A - I played this for countless hours when I was about 4 years old. The old TI-99/4A was the first gaming system I had in the house.

  • NES - So many good memories of friends and entire families trying to figure out the game's secrets and puzzles. I remember being furious when I came home from first grade one day and my mom had already found the 4th dungeon.

  • GB - Pretty sure I got this for Christmas in '92.

  • SNES - Favorite game of all time, so of course it's the best SNES game. I will argue to the grave that this is better than Ocarina of Time.

  • GG - Despite the ridiculousness of using the Start button on the Game Gear as the turbo button, this was a solid port of NBA Jam to the portable system. Plus you could actually finish a full game without the batteries dying.

  • PSX - This one was tough to decide on because PSX may be my favorite system of all. So many great games. And no, I did not accidentally type an extra "I" when picking this game as the best.

  • N64 - I could really pick any of the Aki wrestling games, but I'll go with the last one since it had more features.

  • NGPC - Still hard as shit even on a handheld. Thanks, SNK.

  • DC - Far and away better than any sports game before it. It's depressing to think about what NFL 2K could be today.

  • PS2 - This was an incredibly difficult choice seeing as I have 130+ PS2 games. But SSX 3 was simply perfect.

  • GBA - "I am the mustard of your doom!"

  • XBOX - So good that I actually bought a copy on PS2 also to help sales numbers. Honorable mention goes to Burnout 3.

  • GCN - I didn't really get into it til a couple years after release, but once I did, it was an addiction. Wind Waker is a close second, but having so many Zelda titles on this list seemed a bit lame.

  • NDS - I never played the one on GameCube, so when I got this for Christmas in 2005, it was probably the only thing in my DS for over six months. Honorable mention to Metroid Prime Pinball.

  • PSP - Best handheld fighting game of all time.

  • X360 - After finishing it twice, ME2 has dethroned Fable II as my favorite 360 game. I was hesitant to make the change so soon after playing ME2, since it's usually better to judge the best in hindsight, but I'm quite confident that BioWare's masterpiece will hold up pretty well.

  • PS3 - Just an exceptionally great game in every aspect.

  • Wii - Pure joy. What video games were created to be.

  • iOS - When it works, it's magical. When it works.

  • 3DS - My #1 game of 2013. Just a perfect mix of nostalgia and innovation.

  • Vita - I was about four years late to the party having never played Persona 4 "vanilla." But, I'm a believer now. Persona 4 Golden is some of the best 96 hours I've ever spent playing games. It's still too new to me to proclaim it one of my favorite games of all time, but it's definitely my favorite Vita game already.

  • Wii U - It's kinda slim pickins here, but 3D World is pretty fun.

  • PS4 - I enjoyed the first three games, but it was never my favorite franchise or anything. But, every aspect of this game is top tier. It's a perfect example of games you want to keep playing long after you "finished" it.

  • XONE - It's the reason I got an Xbox One.

  • NSW - A true masterpiece.

  • PS5 - Incredible 3D platformer that is stuffed with pure, raw nostalgia for a PlayStation nut like myself.