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Simple Fun 0

Wet is a straight up fun game to play that is plagued by some hiccups. It is fun to just run around slice, shoot and kill countless people, leaving them in a bloody mess. The slow-mo stuff while gimmicky is also really fun and easy to pull off.There are a lot of moments that made me laugh in the game, even though the story is very simple, and Rubi has become one of my favorite game characters of all time. Her attitude is just one that love.  Graphically the game isn't going to blow you away. The...

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A Game With Promise 0

MLB 2K8 is a good game. The controls work well once you learn how to use them. I especially like the new fielding controls, its make it feel more natural. The game looks good and for the most part sounds good (some of the pregame commentary could use some work). But, once you start really getting into the game many MANY problems arise. First off, is the frame rate issue that hits during gameplay. When you throw the ball and the camera pans across the field framerate becomes very choppy. This is ...

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The Best Basketball Sim of the PS2 Era 0

As the classification explains this is a guilty pleasure of mine. I love to play NBA 2K6! To be honest I don't watch much NBA basketball at all, I may catch a game here or there and I do watch it on Sportscenter. But I'm not what most people would see as a big basketball fan. Yet, there is something about this game that has me playing it at least once a day. Let me start off by saying that this is a great looking game. On the court player models look realistic (much better then the #1 Madden) a...

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By far the best NFL game of the season, no really 0

Let me start by saying that this game is much better then last years dismal Madden 05. For starters, the soundtrack in this game is one of the greatest that I have seen. As for every other sound in the game, its about the same as last season. Same old announcers saying the same old things. And the same old grunts from the players on the field. The graphics haven't really improved much and are actually starting to seem a little dated (at least on the PS2) but then again I've been looking at alot...

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A review as short as the game 0

When I reserved this game I had high hopes for it. When I saw the movie I had even higher hopes for it. But, when I played it....well my hopes fell....and as I kept playing my hopes fell even more. The game play is fun but poorly exicuted. The voice overs are terrible, I felt as if I was watching a REALLY bad 1950s Japanese movie. The graphics were the best part of the game. But, its pretty bad when I would rather look at the human torch instead of Jessica Alba....I mean come-on. Oh and did I ...

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One of the best games of the PS2 era 1

There are few games that I have played that have had me captivated from the first time I picked up the controller and all the way through to the end. Those few games that have done this for me include Metal Gear Solid, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and this game...God Of War. From the first time that I took the blades of chaos and started becoming a killing machine I had a blast. And it was easy to pull off all the different moves. This is a game that anyone can learn, because you can either butt...

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NASCAR lite 0

My first major experience with a NASCAR game was NASCAR Racing 4 (PC) by Papyrus. And it was a great experience! You really had to get your self involved in every aspect of your car to really be able to win a race. So, when I got NASCAR 2005: Chase for the Cup I had high expectations for the game. I have to admit that maybe I should have brought down my expectations more then a few levels. I'm not saying that NASCAR 2005 doesn't do some great things, but there are many things that I, as a big NA...

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