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Games Best Suited for DJ Hero Turntable Support.

Buying a game peripheral, be it dance mat, fake guitar, or maracas, is a damn tricky proposition. On the one hand, you get a game with a unique set of input mechanics that make the gameplay experience novel. On the other hand, your expensive peripheral is supported by, what, three other games? Tops? Suddenly, you'll buy any video game that supports your peripheral, not because of game quality, but to justify the cash you dropped on that plastic Ukulele. Rock Revolution doesn't look so bad when you've dropped 300 dollars on instruments, now does it?
But at least  instrument controllers, particularly guitars, microphones, and drums, have a small suite of games and game styles that you can enjoy. But that new, fancy DJ Hero controller? How many games, outside of DJ Hero and other DJ Hero products, are honestly going to support that thing? A Half-Assed Fake Turntable with only one wheel of steel? Who is going to cater to that crowd?
I will.
I present to you, the Giant Bomb community, a list of games that would be GREATLY enhanced by DJ Hero support. Your favorite games are all fine and good, but what would a fake-ass turntable bring to the....table?

List items


    You scratch the table to switch it back over to your fighters song, and to make the environment blow up. Makes sense to me.

    Oh, and for the record, your fighter's song is, "Tell Me When To Go" by E-40.

    Every time.

  • Have the zombies in Dead Rising been hit by a turntable, only to have Frank West put the zombie's head against the turntable and use the zombie as the needle to grind the zombie into the record? Why not, dude?!

  • You can scratch with the Trance Vibrator.

    Think about that one. Let it sink in.

    I know right? AWESOME!

  • Remember when you had to keep the pizzas spinning that one time? Or when you had to keep the plates spinning that one time? you do it with a DJ Hero Turntable.


  • You can use the Turntable to spin the poffin machine! You know!.....The Poffins? From the Pokemon game?.....You....feed them to the make them cooler.......Poffins? Anybody?

  • Remember, in Sonic 3, when you could do the regular spin dash, but if you pressed the spin dash butting repeatedly before letting go, the spindash would CHARGE UP EVEN MORE?!

    Well scratch. Instead off hitting a button.


  • Now we're talking! You already have to put CDs and DVDs into your console to unlock different monsters, but now you could use the DJ Hero Controller to get your scratch on! Different scratches could produce Monsters with different looks, different attitudes, different move sets, or completely different monsters! You thought Mochi was bad ass before! Stick that copy of the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack back into the PS2 and give "Time of Your Life" a Fresh Hot Remix to get one badass Remochix!

    ( You know.... a Mochi Remix.)

  • Why the fuck not?