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Character I'd Most Like To See Come To Mortal Kombat As DLC (Out Of The Choices Provided By Ed Boon)

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  • I’m actually a little surprised that Smoke won’t be making his way into the new MK as a regular character. Introduced as the secret playable character in MKII, Smoke made his way to the main roster in the release of MK3 as one of game’s playable robot ninjas. Smoke is easily the top choice out of these characters, provided that he comes to the game with these two features.

    1. Players can still press a button combo to turn Robo-Smoke into Human Smoke before the fight starts, just like in UMK3.

    2. Smoke still has the fatality where he self-destructs and BLOWS UP THE WHOLE DAMN WORLD.

  • Though Rain has since made appearances in both of the Mortal Kombat “anthology” games (Trilogy and Armageddon), the best Rain appearance in the series is still in UMK3, where he appears in the intro movie of the game but isn’t actually a playable character in that game. Oh, John and Ed! You guys and your screwing with people!

    Also of note: His name is Rain. And he’s a Purple Ninja. So he’s the Purple Rain. Do you get it? But do you get it? I totally get it. I'm a getter.

  • While the MK team’s kollection of new characters (post-UMK3) hasn’t been nearly as memorable as the characters from the first three games, I’d still rather see them give a new character another shot, even as DLC. Or, at least, I’d rather see a new character than the other choices on this list.

  • At the very least, I’d rather see a bad female character in MK before another bad male character. The MK franchise is enough of a boy’s club as it is. More dangerous ladies, please!

  • We don’t talk about those PS2 MK games around these here parts.

  • Shinnok answers the question, “Is there a Mortal Kombat antagonist lamer and less memorable than Quan Chi? NetherRealm would be better off trying to get people to buy DLC for Fujin the Wind God.