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The Best Treasure Chests in Gaming

Video Games are, at some level, basically about the acquisition of virtual stuff. It doesn't matter if you're looking for swords or guns or armor or potions or gold or spaceship parts or cat litter or hair pieces or bowling balls or Fishing Controllers or Pancakes; we enjoy going into video games to find things, and, hopefully, to sell those things to the virtual merchant for 80% of retail value. We enjoy going out into jungles and swamps and tombs and dungeons and the post-apocalypse to find things. 
But, as we know, things don't just lie out in the open. If a mystical artifact with the power to destroy the armies of Zunaklopan is just sitting on a pedestal of light.....why, it's hardly a mystical artifact of all!
No, behind ( or, rather, surrounding)  every great piece of loot is a great treasure chest. The best, most interesting treasure chests actually seem to enhance the quality of the item inside of it-- an ordinary piece of loot seems even more rare and powerful inside of an interesting video game treasure chest.
But what separates the Treasure Chests from the Treasure Chumps? It's more complicated than you might think: a chest can be successful through tense buildup, or actual chest design, or the mechanics of opening the chest, or even by inviting you to a tea party with all your friends but now you're too late and everyone is dead.
I intend to honor the greats.
For your reading pleasure, here, in no particular order,  are the greatest treasure chests in all of video gaming

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