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Best of 2010

MattBosten: Best of 2010

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  • My favourite game for 2010; the GTA formula taken back to the past and perfected.

  • Close 2nd; Watching the coverage it seemed to just be multiplayer AC. Picked it up and found a 15 hour story that is going in a really interesting direction and has already sold me on AC3

  • The new 'expansion' to Fallout 3. This was always going to be a big one for me having invested hundreds of hours in Fallout 3. New Vegas added small tweaks that greatly improved the gameplay (looking down sights) whilst keeping the feel from Fallot 3. I expect I'll still be playing this one long into 2011

  • Namco show everyone how you make arcade 'classics' relevant against modern games. Great music, great visuals and most important great fun! So many ghosts!

  • I have no problem admitting that I love the Fable franchise and whilst this may have been the most broken/buggy Fable game so far I still absolutely loved it! Not a technical masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination, but a very enjoyable game none the less.

  • I personally loved the original; the sequel added crazy combo weapons, an improved save system and loads more zombies.

  • A game with a simple idea, that is beautifully executed with a great art style. An incredibly atmospheric game.

  • Some of the best developed characters in gaming with really enjoyable combat.

  • This game just needs one word to describe it; fun! A game that's simply about blowing shit up and causing chaos. The grapple hook/parachute combination makes traversing the world easy and the over the top action is something I can really appreciate.

  • Another year, another great FPS coming from Activision. This year I feel Treyarch really stepped up to the plate. Really enjoyed the campaign and feel the multiplayer is well balanced. Zombies isn't really the mode for me, but it's nice that it's there.