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Pages I feel embarrassed about having points on.

These are pages I really wish weren't in my wiki history, for varying reasons.

List items

  • Girly pop singers are usually the last thing I would think about editing, but after researching her inclusion in band hero in order to accept a wiki submission I discovered a screenshot of her in the game, which I proceeded to upload. And then I added her to the Band Hero page.

  • When I was going through a phase of adding as many pictures to pages as possible, this one cropped up and I added many pictures of Britney to this page.

  • Yep, I have points on two Britney pages. TWO!!!!! Same reasons as above.

  • That's right, the third Britney Spears related page on my list. I can't even remember how I got the points on this page. It might be somehow related to my other britney edits, but I honestly don't know.

  • It has a goddamn picture of David Ginola in a Newcastle Strip on the cover. For people who don't know, I'm a Sunderland supporter, and Sunderland are sworn rivals of Newcastle.

  • It's embarrassing having points on a page that claims that Giant Bomb's Drew "grew up a poor black child in South Central L.A. He wanted to break out of the ghetto, which led to attending UCLA"

  • Yep, I have a couple of points on this game that absolutely murders a classic.

  • Another page I don't even remember editing, but it's there, in my wiki history, haunting my very existence.

  • OK, this one is a funny one. Mortal Kombat isn't a bad page to have points on. It's the number of points that's the issue for this one. I have -1 points on this page. MINUS 1!!!!!! THAT'S LESS THAN 0!!!!!! HOW THE HELL DID I GET -1 POINTS ON A PAGE!!!!!!!!