Best of 2009

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  • More Drake = awesome. Such a great set of characters. Naughty Dog have the whole narrative and gameplay stuff down, long may it continue. The set pieces were, also, absoloutely incredible. More please!

  • Biggest Surprise of '09 for sure. A very well crafted experience all round. There's very little I would like to have seen changed. The sequel fills me with dread, however.

  • Wasn't a big diablo guy, but this is such a lovely, fun, rewarding game. I have about 5 characters on the go. Perfect in small or big doses.

  • I played through this like 7 times. Still need that final playthrough on hardest though :(

    I know people say that RE lost its way with 5, but it was still a fantastic action game regardless.

  • Hammered the crap out of this on its first weekend. Collected everything. Got most of the achievements. Really, really fun game. The "political" hoo ha surrounding it was a bit much, however.

  • Hello game from left field, how are you? Good? Oh, glad to hear it. Let's play!

  • Season 2 of this really is a step up. A great game to play while catching up and goofing off with long distance friends.

  • OutRun is just a perfectly pitched and executed game.

  • I liked the remix of this. Again, not perfect, but an exciting glimpse in to a future filled of awesome remixes of beloved adventures!