Best of 2012

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  • Outside of DayZ this is the game I sunk the most time into this year. It breaks my heart it's practically dead now, but while it was busy it was vibrant, fun, constantly evolving, competitive, co-operative... it was just fucking wonderful. I wish Uber had the budget to market it so it could survive against other MOBA's, if only for a while.

  • A thoroughly modern Xcom game and... none the worse for it? What witchcraft be this?!

  • I said wow. I went in with low expectations regarding gameplay and high expectations of story and still came away pleasantly surprised by both and that's before you even regard the considerable amount of subtext that can be examined. An experience that will likely stay with me for some time.

  • Best open world game since... Saints Row the Third, I guess. Tons of fun but the bumbled story (subtext included) is kind of a tragedy.

  • For a whole week the entire internet was all about cracking the Fez code and for that week it was just fucking glorious. The attention to detail alone is worth incredible praise but to do this kind of game that brings swathes of people together to try and crack a nut in the year 2012... mindblowing. Good job, Phil Fish, you did pretty good even if may be a bit crazy.

  • I HAVE NEVER PUSHED UP ON A STICK SO HARD IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. You can do it, little buddy! You can do it!

  • Yeah, this was really good, and yeah its a game. Stop whining, whiners.

  • Awesome story about a very interesting subject matter (for videogames). The game part I could totally have lived without but the entire package was just something really quite special.

  • Do I like to hurt people? If they're made of pixels and exist soley inside my computer for me to murder, sure, why not? Unless Tron is real, in which case, I take it all back.

  • Despite not seeing release in my continent, we imported. We played. It was great!