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Man there are too many good games to play, and yet I feel like playing none of them. TF2, GW2, SFV, MHGen, Picross 3D 2...

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A (slightly inebriated) foray into Star Trek, part 2

Finally continuing on my journey to be one with my nerdy background, here are my roving thoughts on episode 2 of TNG. I make no promises as to their clarity, lucidity, or validity, but they are what I'm thinking of, 2 pints in.

  • Is there any logic for Stardates?
  • Is that supposed to be a sexy voice from the Tsiolovsky? And are those noises supposed to be from the ship?
  • Riker is a pretty boy
  • That is an extremely cheesy music cue but oh well, it's a product of its time
  • Data doesn't blink, huh.
  • Is the Enterprise supposed to be a big ship?
  • Geordi's little handheld computer is great, I want one. Apparently Data has one too?
  • Aw yeah sexy frozen people
  • Can Geordi see that their temperature is low?
  • Riker's got a great "concerned" look
  • OK hearing that opening, I definitely know it's been referenced a million times. Good to finally definitely know where it comes from.
  • As a once-violinist, I'm surprised at how big a part the strings get in this opening theme.
  • OK this seems like those parasites that make animals thirsty, or make ants seek high places to spread spores, or make humans love cats beyond normal
  • I can't tell if I love or hate Data right now
  • WAIT THEIR EMBLEMS JUST COME OFF? I think a GB crew member talked about how stupid it was in Detroit, that robots could just remove their one defining trait with a screwdriver.
  • Wil Crusher you're a dweeb and I hate you.
  • Does this virus propagate through kissing? Cuz that was a lot of awkward face touching.
  • I think I like the way Riker *gets* Data.
  • They get to re-use ship names? Interesting. I'm gonna guess that the Enterprise was used for previous Star Trek series.
  • Is it the holding of hands that spreads things?
  • Yes I definitely hate Wes. Doesn't even matter who's controlling him, he's a prick.
  • It's crazy that they don't have more safeguards against insubordination or imitation like this.
  • HA, he was gonna rhyme with Venus.
  • Pretty busy... FUCKING!
  • All of this seems like they don't know how to effectively quarantine... which in today's current events is a big deal.
  • Yes, Yar, because Data brings love and joy and tenderness.
  • ... is this entire episode an anti-alcohol message for teens?
  • It seems like every episode is going to be one step away from disaster, huh?
  • Hey, I make incredibly good (poor) decisions while drunk!
  • I live for that awkward wave.
  • Wait they didn't try overriding earlier? Why not?
  • Hell yeah, the day is saved by Worf, Riker, and... a tier3 blonde extra?
  • Every bit of the sickness and concern about contagion just rings extremely true right now.
  • RIP othership, your frozen orgy will be forever lost to time.
  • Poor Asian guy, never got cured. Guess he'll play Jenga 'til his eventual death.
  • Aw, they fawkin. Who? Everyone!

A bit too tired to come up with wrapup thoughts, but hey, I enjoyed the episode and while they don't answer every question or redeem every character's actions, they do enough of a job justifying why characters did what they did and why they're not just shitty. I think.

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