2015 Purchases

A list of games purchased in 2015, sometimes with thoughts.

List items

  • (Director's Cut)

  • Can feel the lack of content, but I love what's there.

  • Finally got around to playing through this in the middle of February. The Unfinished Swan is a goddamn delight. I really enjoyed playing through it.

  • Yup, it sure is Peggle.

  • PS4. Not quite the local multiplayer hit I'd hoped it would be.

  • Wii U. I already own a physical copy of the game, but the fact that it's an all-time favourite and that it was only $13 was far too great a temptation for me. -.-

  • This game alone makes me happy to own an Xbox One.

  • Really enjoy playing Forza Horizon 2. I only ever play it on the default settings, which makes things super easy, but I kind of enjoy just cruising through stuff in it.

    When I'm looking for more of a challenge I tend to turn to Driveclub (which might sound silly, since I could easily make Forza Horizon 2 a more challenging game, but I really dig Driveclub's specific approach)

  • Purchased the Deluxe Edition on Xbox One during the EA Publisher sale.

    I am terrible at this game.

  • Most of the story, characters and charm still hold up on a first playthrough today. Wasn't a fan of a lot of the game's puzzles though, some were logical, others had parts of the chain that relied on the ol' "Use every item on every character/thing" trope.

    Glad to have finally played the game, though, and the remaster is awesome.

  • Apocalypse Edition for $34, yes please.

  • I can totally understand the low review scores, but so far (up to chapter 11) I've really enjoyed the majority of my time with the Order. My biggest complaint would be that the fights with the lycans are pretty awful, outside of that though I've quite enjoyed the game.

  • Funny that I bought this the same week I picked up The Order 1886. Catching up on the Xbox One's Library. 30 AUDs for the Legendary Edition seems like a pretty great deal.

  • Great game!

  • Not really a purchase, since it's a PS+ game, but I'm listing this here so that I don't forget how awesome this game is later in the year. It's super, super, super good, you guys.

  • As a very casual fighting game player, Mortal Kombat continues to be the best game out there in terms of accessibility and single-player content. Super fun game, really loving messing around with it.

  • Finished the game in a day because I could barely put it down. Super enjoyable puzzles.

  • This game is a goddamn delight!

  • I've long wanted to pick this game up and the recent DiRT Rally Quick Look made me decide to finally do it (not because I expect the two experiences to be similar, but because DiRT 3 has long looked super appealing to me and I could totally go for some Codemasters Rallying/Off-roading.)

  • I just haven't gotten stuck into this properly yet. I still need to take down that Griffin at the start of the game. Destiny sunk its hooks into me, and then so did Splatoon.

  • It was okay, stupid and fun, I spent too much money on it.

  • This game was just a goddamn delight. Super fun multiplayer and a great single-player mode! That final boss was extremely impressive and would have to rank as one of the best bosses I've fought in a Nintendo game.

  • Loving what I've played so far. Put me on team batmobile, I love the feeling of being just barely in control as you barrel through the streets of Gotham. From what I've played so far it does seem like Rocksteady have leant on it a *little* too much, but I do like that its inclusion is substantial and that it's more than just a car with a tank mode.

  • Imported a physical copy from Asia, I never played right through DMC4 last gen, so it should be good to tackle it properly on PS4.

  • The best Yoshi game since Yoshi's Island - though perhaps that's not saying a lot since the last couple of games have been stinkers. :P However, Yoshi's Woolly World is pretty dang great - not as great and creative as Yoshi's Island, mind you, but it does have some creative spark of its own and it's a much more enjoyable game than the last couple of the Green Dinosaur's outings.