Opeth part ways with Keyboardist Per Wilberg

Originally published on my website Graveside Entertainment

Keyboardist Per Wiberg has been relieved of his duties in Opeth as part of a mutual decision with the band. Keyboard duties on upcoming tours will be handled by a musician who is already rehearsing with the band. Said musician’s identity will be released at a later date.

Vocalist/guitarist Mikael Åkerfeldt released the following statement about the matter:

“Well, it’s been somewhat of a revolving door of members during the last couple of years, and now, Per is no longer a member. Mendez, Axe and Fredrik and I came to the decision that we should find a replacement for Per right after the recordings of the new album, and this came as no surprise to Per. He had, in turn, been thinking about leaving, so you could say it was a mutual decision. There’s no bad blood, just a relationship that came to an end, and that’s that. We wish Per the best, and he did a splendid job recording keyboards for the last record, which stands as his final recording with Opeth.”

Opeth remain hard at work on their next album, which follows up 2008’s critically acclaimed Watershed. The album is due out this Fall on Roadrunner Records.

Source: opeth.com

Thank you Rocky Wirtz & Patrick Kane.

After many a year of defeat and disappointment, to the unbelievably dark years (thanks to Bill Wirtz) the Blackhawks have finally won the Stanley Cup again.  Who knew all it took was getting Bill Wirtz into the grave and his son Rocky to come and renew interest in a team that was down in the dregs?  Well Rocky Wirtz, Sir, thank you very much for all that you've done for this organization and for finally giving me the team that could get it done.  
Patrick Kane, minutes before he scored the OT winner had me screaming at my tv "Earn your pay check Kane!" Thank you for the most awkward and amazing goal I have ever seen.  The Stanley Cup is finally ours.
This one was for Roenick & the 1992 Blackhawks boys!


IGN review censorship

I recently posted a scathing review of Smackdown Vs. Raw 2010 on IGN.  I questioned how they could give a game with so many problems, and lack of features compared to it's predecessors, an 8.5 out of 10.  That was about 2 weeks ago, and that review still hasn't made it onto the site.  Do IGN censor their reviews, and more importantly are some of the gaming websites in the pockets of the developers? I constantly am seeing games either get completely destroyed or praised without any merit whatsoever.  The visual and frame rate issues of RDR on the PS3 weren't even mentioned in IGN's copy/paste 360 version of the review.  If anything more time should be spent on the games, instead of playing them for an hour and banging out a review that is completely off point.