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Better Than the First 0

So many new innovations make this game superior to the original. The script and story are surprisingly good, the amount of characters both good and bad is astounding, and the fusion system makes me wonder how I ever played the first one without it.  MUA had a basic super hero plot, INSERT SUPER VILLAIN has a dangerous plot to team up with INSERT VILLAIN(S). INSERT HEROES must stop his plot. MUA2 has an amazing storyline, even though it was taken from the comic book. The story takes a good amount...

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Better Than the First 0

When I picked up Fable 2 I wasn't expecting it to completely destroy the origignal Fable. Like huge RPGs before it the sequel's story and main quest pales in comperision to the original's. To my surprise Fable 2's story had everything the first one lacked. It had characters you actually cared about, a vendetta, and a story you could actually follow (to this day I still don't really understand a lot of what was happening in Fable).Doing jobs in Fable 2 honestly sounded and looked pretty boring. B...

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This is the closest you'll find to Dawn of the Dead. 0

Left 4 Dead really captures what it would be like in a zombie apocolypse. Unlike Resident Evil's slow and solitary zombies Left 4 Dead gives the new "28 Days Later" type of zombies. These zombies are quick and if you don't defend yourself you can easily get swarmed. Playing with four random people also captures the feel of being in a group of four random survivors. However many times itdepends on the people you play with. People who refuse to use mics or play as a team can severally hinder your ...

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