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    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

    Game » consists of 18 releases. Released Sep 15, 2009

    Beginning with the events of Marvel's Secret War and going into Civil War, players will take control of several Marvel characters in this follow up to the first Ultimate Alliance game.

    metric_outlaw's Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (Xbox 360) review

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    Better Than the First

    So many new innovations make this game superior to the original. The script and story are surprisingly good, the amount of characters both good and bad is astounding, and the fusion system makes me wonder how I ever played the first one without it.
    MUA had a basic super hero plot, INSERT SUPER VILLAIN has a dangerous plot to team up with INSERT VILLAIN(S). INSERT HEROES must stop his plot. MUA2 has an amazing storyline, even though it was taken from the comic book. The story takes a good amount of time to develop. It took me and 2 to 3 hours before I actually got to choosing which side I wanted to be on. I was surprised that the main thing driving me to play this game more was the story. The dialogue in the game is very well written. Even though you will eventually get through each players taunts in about 30 minutes I still find myself laughing at all of Deadpool and Iceman's lines (his Fonzi impression is the best).
    I don't know if anybody out there remembers the X-Men Legends games MUA2 was modeled after but the original X-Men Legends did a great job of slowly giving you characters. For instance, you began with Wolverine, then the next level you may Cyclops and Storm, etc etc. I always hated how Legends 2 and MUA never did this too. However MUA2 takes the formula and does it  brilliantly. You begin with only 4 characters and then you slowly get more, like the X-Men and then the Fantastic 4. Most of the characters you remember from the first are all back and come with some great innovations. I remember hating Deadpool and The Thing in the original game but Vicarious Visions has done an amazing job of balancing each character so that no one character dies too quickly.
    Finally, the fusion system was one new idea that I really didn't care much about. I figured it would be some crazy attack I could once a level or a weak and utterly useless attack. These attacks however are amazing at either clearing out lemmings or delivering devastating blows on Yellow Jacket. This system is one of the best innovations done in awhile and they are easy to use. They try to make it seem like there are thousands of different ways to combine your attacks but honestly there are only about 4 different types of attacks, not that that is bad though.
    This game completely makes MUA obsolete. Every problem I had with the original is completely shattered. The combat, the story, everything makes this game a must buy for any comic book, brawler, or MUA fan.

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