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divinity II and what's going on

Well, so we are already knee-deep into the season, and what have I been up to? 
I was on holiday :) 
Spent the last 3 weeks in south africa, which is a pretty awesome place to be. But I guess none of you is interessted in my travel-stories... 
Before I left I bought "Brutal Legend" and gave it to a friend. As well as the cash to buy me "Dragon Age". 
when I came back, he gave me "Brutal Legends" and sayed "You'd have to wait for Dragon Age till I am finished.." Fair enough. 
As exchange he gave me "Divinity II - Ego Draconis" ... I guess, the game hasnt' been published in the US yet, as it was developed by a european studio.  
I just wanted to 'test' the game, so I could return it to him quickly and then focus on some heavy-metal-head banging-action with Jack Black ... but now I am about 8 gameplay hours in and quite like the game. It's a lighter version of Oblivion to me .. plus you can transform into a dragon (which i haven't done yet, I am still early in the game). 
Anyway, it's only a filler to me, as I preordered the white edition of "Assassins Creed 2" which I expect to get by weeks end. 
So, I should be quite busy. AC2 comming up, currently playing Divinity 2. Brutal Legend & Dragon Age already bought. Left 4 Dead 2 is released the following week. A friend of mine finally finished Fallout 3, which he will borrow me now... 
 Oh, and I still think about buying "Panzer General" (XBLA) ... that's my kind of game. 
DS-wise I finisehd "Professor Layton and Pandoras Box" during my holiday. Awesome game. 
Scribbelnauts kinda lost me ... 
And I am still waiting for that Heroes of might and magic-game, with the puzzle-quest-style gameplay... 
I don't see how I can fit all this into the last weeks of this year. And the next year is already filling up with games for me ... Mass Effect 2 has already been preordered :D


Relationshipstatus: It's complex-icated

On Tuesday my new TV arrived and I can say, that buying this (and additionally upgrading to an X360 Elite) was the best idea I had in the last couple months ;)  The graphics are just so crisp and everything is so ...high def.  Well, I guess you know what I am talking about. 
Anyway, yesterday was my day off, and I tried "Shadow Complex" ...and immediatly bought it. I was intrigued by the trailers I saw, but playing it is just pure fun. I am exploring every crook and corner and trying to get all the upgrades. I like how you're very vulnerable in the beginning, have to tread carefully ...but slow and steady get better and more lethal. At the moment, I like dashing around in hypersonic-mode, smashing through walls, crates and people alike :) 
Allthough I already spent about 6 hours with the game, I am not fnished yet. But I can't wait to get back to playing ...  
This could very well be one of the most awesome games this year ..something I didn't expect. I like this kind of surprises. 
Happy gaming :)

they left me for dead again...

So, couple months ago I gave my copy of L4D to a friend, as I had no Xbox back then. When I got my Xbox back, I asked for the game ...but this friend of mine enjoyed the game so much, he pretended to have no time to meet me, or when we did, he always forgot about it. And we laughed about it. A bit.  
But today, I went up to his appartement and got the game back and ordered him to buy his own copy, so we could play together. 
I got a little tired of BF1943 lately, as I happen to play with the dumbest people in the shittiest teams. Where after a couple of minutes the enemis happens to capture all bases, and what ever you try to, you just can't win anything back, and usually you die within seconds of your respawn. I don't know why, but I lost the last 10 games I played, so I am kind of fed up with it. 
So, anyway ... as I got L4D back today, and there is this new map coming up, I had to play it again today. Just to get a feeling for it. Find out if I still like it ... 
and boy was that awesome. Played it 3 times, had lots of fun. Even got 2 achievements.... and it always feels good, to get an achievement ;) 
I am really looking forward to spending hours and tens of hours with this game. 
In a related note: my birthday is coming up in 10 days. And as usuall I  got me a little something ... a 32" HD-TV. It should be delivered within the week, and I am really 
looking forward to my late start in the HD-era. Maybe, just maybe I can enjoy BF1943 a little more then, when I just don't have to guess, if there is an enemy approaching ;) 
Oh.. and as I am not posting a lot here lately,  I am just giving you a heads up on the next game I am going to buy: Batman Arkham Asylum. Of course. Everyone that played that demo, propably is getting giddy when thinking about it :) 
As always: happy gaming everyone!


There is no i in team...

...but there is no team in Battlefield either. 
Do you know the feeling, if you wanna love something/somebody, but feel like everyone is trying to put you off? 
 Well, that's the way I feel about Battlefield 1943. 
After playing about 12 hours, I start to hate the game. Well, not the game, because it's fun. But the people playing the game ...who are just sucking the fun for me. 
First off, I think it's save to say, that Battlefield games are Team-Games. It's about winning as a team, and more importantly to play as a team to achieve that. 
But most people playing Battlefield 1943 are playing a deathmatch-game. I often think, that they just don't get what the game is about. 
So not only most of them just run around firing in the air, if there is no other target in sight. But most of them do so, out of a squad. Which doesn't help the cause. I just finished a set of 3 games, where there were no (0) squads in my team.  
This behaviour is starting to annoy me a lot. When people just wait at the base for the plane to respawn. When they storm away, though they should help defend the flag. When they are in the gunner position in a vehicle and are either shooting trees heating up the gun, so they can't fire at enemies, when they pop up, or worse not shooting at people in our back firing at us.  
Another interessting question is, why no one ever uses his headset? Is there no support for it, like there is in every other game? As none of my friends are playing this game, I can't find out. Because whenever I am in a game, no one is talking or responding ..and usually you can't focus on any game because of these chatterboxes on Xbox Live. 
Well .. as I don't have another game at the moment I like playing as much as Battlefield 1943, I see myself going back to this abusive bitch as often as I can. But I don't like it, like I used to...



Well, I guess there is quite some recaping to be done.
For more then 3 months I had no Xbox, as something went haywire with the repair. It wasn't even MS fault, but the shop I bought the Xbox at (worse, I was an employee there back when I bought it).
Anyway about a month ago, I got a new X360 as MS couldn't repair it (or didn't want to *g*).

So the last weeks I spent playing lots of Civ Rev, and once again tried killing Bane in Puzzle Quest. I tried tons of demos aswell, as I missed quite some games since march.

Last week I bought "Kingdom under Fire: Circle of Doom" for 10 Euro. I loved "KUF: Crusaders", as I am a huge RTS-Fan. When "KuF:CoD" was released the mediocre review-scores and the fact, that it's just an Action-RPG anymore, put me off. Now for 10 Bucks I felled compelled to give it a chance. I only spend a few hours with the game so far, but it's quite entertaining. The story is a little confusing, and it's item "synthesizing"-System even more so. But you know the pleasure of hacking through legions of enemies and getting loot, and I am a bitch for that :)

What keeps me from playing is that, after 2 weeks of pondering, I finally bought "Battlefield 1943". I just love the BF-series.

Bigger news are that I switched from my X360 premium to a X360 Elite 3days ago. A friend of mine finally decided to jump the train, and get an Xbox. When he asked me aboud advice, I offered him my system for 150 Euro. As I got a new Box just recently I could do so without feeling like ripping him off.
I am planing on buying a new TV-Set within the month. I guess I am giving it to me as a birthday-present, which is looming at the end of august :)

If you're playing BF 1943 give me a shout. I am still looking for a good squad to roll with :)

That's it for now.
Happy gaming everyone!


My X360 - status update

After some phonecalls I got some new information regarding the status of my X360.

I got news that Microsoft is waiting for some parts for the repairs, and "at the moment repairs take up to 3 months"... I have no idea, if that means I'd have to wait another 3 months, or if this includes the 6, 7 weeks my 360 is gone already.

Anyway, I guess it just takes way more time, then I care... 
I wonder if that's just a problem they have around here, all of europe or even world wide.

I guess that also means I got more time to spend with Disgaea DS ;) 
As long as the 360 returns in time for Assassins Creed 2 im fine ^^

Let there be light!

...and there was lite!

I've always been proud about my Nintendo DS. First, because I was one of the early birds in europe to have one. Secondly, mine was black, a colour that wasn't even offered around here. Thirdly, and most important, I bought it, when I was to Japan, making the DS kind of a memorablia to my journey. Strange that it's only been 4 years since then, because it feels like decades ago...
While not the proper geek anymore I once was, I still urge shiny stuff... like the DS Lite. And I wanted one, since when it was released, but having a working DS always kept me from spending the money.

Today I finally jumped my own shadow and bought one. It wasn't planned, but I found a cheap offer when visiting former collegues at my previous workplace. The DS screens were always to gloomy and now I realised that the Lights screens are not only bigger but just have a better resolution to. Or maybe my old DS's screens are just not functioning properly anymore.

Anyway ... I couldn't be happier. Even as I wouldn't have wanted a silver DS Lite ... ^^

Disgea DS

Since buying Disgea DS I only managed to pour in a couple hours of gameplay, but have to say I really like what I have seen so far.
The story is quite funny and told in a quirky way. I especially like the way Flonna, the angel trainee, interacts with her surroundings in the demon-world.
The game can be pretty tough if you don't keep your eyes open and care where you step. Entering the item-world can be a deathwish if not prepared ;) With the Geo-effects, pupils, combos and chaineffects all mixed together I think I never played a strategy game where the placing of your units was this critical. Chess is a game for pre-schoolers in comparison ;) (at least if you want to make the most of it, I guess you can still win battles and have lots of fun, if you don't pay that much attention to details).

I still have to figure out how to bribe senators to get them to vote my way ... even if they say, they would vote my way, they stay nay-sayers most of the time. Those bastards ;)

The graphics are underwhelming, but I don't mind.

Somewhere I read that the games charme will only reveal itself, if you spend lots of time with it and play it over and over again. At first I couldn't see my self walking that road, but at the moment I just can't get enough...

Yeah, I guess I am pretty happy with that purchase ...


Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones

As I didn't have any time left for playing in the evenings the last couple months, was it because of my relationship or the fact my Xbox broke 3 weeks ago, I once again picked up my trusted NintendoDS couple weeks ago. First i played through Locks Quest, wich I had picked up in february from the bargain bin, maybe I am writing up a review because it's a decent game, allthough way to easy.

After finishing Locks Quest, and removing the cartridge, I realized that I still had Fire Emblem: The sacred stones in the GBA-Slot. It's been there almost since I bought it, more then 3 years ago! And to my shame I hadn't come around to finishing it...

About an hour ago, I finally watched the end credits :)
I am glad I picked it up again, and I wished I had put more effort into it. But actually I just wanted it to be over and done with, so I could finally move on. I don't think I did the game enough credit with that, as it's an awesome game, with lot's of possibilities. 

Now I need to look for the cartridge of the first GBA Fire Emblem. I think I didn't finish that one too after failing the same mission over and over again. I think it's time to just rush through and get done with it. Get some closure on that... 

Maybe I can pick up the DS remake then. And maybe I once manage to play a Fire Emblem-game properly from start to finish, but I wouldn't bet any money on that :)

SFIV (2)

So, I got the game. Brought it home. Put the disc into the 360. Enjoyed the Intro. Started the game ...and realized i totally suck.
I then set the difficulty to easy ...and still sucked.

I played the game for 3 hours straight. Tried 5 different characters. Spent some time in trial mode. Read the manaul. Got a little better. ...but still sucked. 

I still cant believe how much I sucked at Street Fighter. I used to play quite some SF II, back then. And usually I am pretty good at any beat-em-up I pick up. But not this time around... 
Actually at some point I was only yelling angrily at my TV. I even yelled at my MacBook for some reason, just because it lost the Wifi-Connection when it went into standby-mode. I was mad enough to climb into my TV and yell at my opponent in person. 
Like Abel, that did his Tornado-Throw 6 times in one round. And Seth who would just do that Dhalsim-like punch 11 times in a row, while I sat in a corner crouch-blocking it anyway. They all made me just so ... angry. 
Of course I was angry at my self for sucking so hard and showing almost no progress...
I still don't know what my problem was. Maybe it's the stick of my controller. Or I just didn't have the timing right. Or it's that I almost only played Dead or Alive for the last couple years. It can't possibly be, that I DO suck... please...

Anyway, I returned the game the next day. Told them I never used it, that I only opened it to check if everything was in the case and got a full refund.  At least I am still good at lying...