My Top 50 Games of the Last Generation

(Sequels I liked are in same entries for tidiness)

1. The Last of Us (PS3)

2. Journey (PS3)

3. DOTA 2 (PC/Mac/Linux)

4. Team Fortress 2 (PC/Mac/Linux/360/PS3)

5. XCOM: Enemy Unknown / Enemy Within (PC/Mac/360/PS3/iOS)

6. The Walking Dead (PC/Mac/360/PS3/iOS/Ouya)

7. Bioshock 1 / Infinite (PC/Mac/360/PS3)

8. Borderlands 2 (PC/Mac/360/PS3)

9. Portal 1 / 2 (PC/Mac/360/PS3)

10. Beyond: Two Souls (PS3)

(The rest of this list is in no particular order)

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Skyrim Preloading, Almost Time!

Getting so excited now that Steam has allowed pre-loads for Skyrim. It's such a tease though knowing it's on my HDD. Anyone know what they'll do once they are plopped down into the free world of Skyrim?