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My Kind of Modern Warfare 0

I rated Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) with 5-stars under the impression that other people would like it, and not under the context that I do, because the game is simply that good. However when it comes to Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (B:BC2) I am allowed a little room to breathe while playing most of the maps, however sniper fire is nastier in return. DICE took a great bit of what made Battlefield 1943 so good and incorporated it into a $60 game with more features and a great leveling system similar to g...

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Art As It Exists 0

Are you confused yet as of what an Art Game truly is yet? Art games, much like movies, come in many different varieties and flavors. You've got your obvious ones that come through directors like Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch, and Quentin Tarantino. I picked these three also because of the fact that people in general are still divided on if they actually do produce art, however art critics and time have proven that each one of these people have created certifiable and self-contained 'art'. Then yo...

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Best Game 0

Chime is a wonderful idea for gamers, and experimental musicians like Philip Glass. Although considered a minimalist composer, Philip Glass has created music for a broad range of mediums, and with experimental film forms like Godfrey Reggio's "documentaries'. It is obvious that Philip Glass (like all proper composers) has an immense adoration for John Cage, and it is though him that everyone can come to appreciate Chime.   Chime has an almost infinite combination of pieces which can be formed to...

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Alternate Review Perspective 0

This game is perfect. While I only spent a couple of minutes on the single player campaign, the multiplayer is really why people buy this game. It is the logical progression for Counter Strike players in that it offers console comparative features, while improving a great deal of things, in addition to having a upgrade system that is almost infinitely replayable. But, if you have gotten this far into my review, I will tell you that the game is not for me.... or perhaps my girlfriend.  Since it i...

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Looks like batman 1

How can someone give this game a half-star? It looks good, the mechanics are there, also exceptional scenes in the game....  Essentially, Batman: Arkham Asylum plays out like a masochistic fantasy, which is morbid considering that it takes place in Arkham Asylum. Perhaps the actual art/beauty of this game, is how much it makes you feel like a slave, while actually sort of being a slave half the time.  What I mean by this, is while playing the game, you are faced with the same 4 monsters the enti...

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It All Depends, Really 0

For the part of me that loves the progression, loot, quest, and story of the game. There is another side of me that just wanted to straight up kill stuff. This is especially coming from someone who barreled through the Zombie Island of Dr. Ned uncountable times, and spacifically finished Brrrraaaaiiiinnnnsss! twice to completion, due to a glitch which also bugged out my character file. This is important to note if only to illustrate how much of Moxxi's Underdome was wanted.  Things I liked: The ...

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Shooter + RPG = Fan Service 2

Everything about this game is tight, and it has the most solid offering as a game I have seen in a while. Gearbox not only met my high expectations of Borderlands, but ultimately succeeded them. On the plus side:  1. it is a more solid game compared to Hellgate.  2. It carries most of the strengths of Fallout 3 and includes splitscreen multiplayer and singlescreen online.  3. Also, as far as Diablo is concerned, Borderlands sticks with the fine line of eliminating necessary exposition while main...

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The Greatest Game of All Time 4

I have played a great deal of games and nothing will ever touch Darkest of Days, and one day into the future the world will recognize this piece of Interactive Art as well ahead of its time.As an art student, I have found that the metaphysical and symbolist merits of this Interactive Art, show it to be one of the very few in existence that could be measured purely on its artistic integrity and how it tackles subjects like faith, time, transcendence, and art itself in such a subtitle way as to be...

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wii keeper 1

Sounds odd, but the fun level of my wii dropped after the nostalgic drip slowly turned off, and I was hoping something would come around that would make me want to keep my wii for at least another few months.I don't care about Smash Bros, Mario Cart, Metroid, whatever.. I don't care if it's for the hardcore crowd (which I am a card carrying member), I just want something incredibly fun, multiplayer, and a little different. I want to be addicted to a game, and itterations of old junk isn't going ...

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Strange Cargo 0

Both myself and a friend were having a great time with the game, until we hit the official forums. For some reason, they just make you want to quit in spades. Now, I'm not saying I (or my friend) are easily swayed. I am saying that the forums for HG:L are a mystical black void where very few return from unscathed.The game has it's bugs and flaws sure (the only reason the game lost a star), but what other game integrates RPG skill-like progression, modifiable weapons, unique offerings regarding g...

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Ohm Sweet Oblivion 0

Pull it out, dust it off, and slide it in quietly. This Mother is going to be one hell of a ride before we shake hands with the devil. And eventually some of that sleek promise of dark will cool your back with memories and smiles.They cannot fool you with their jibs.And this is certainly not your sons game, Daddy. This one will be around for you when the nights get cold and dark. All you see are ashes, sit back and sip on the Whiskey that be Diablo....

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I own 4 copies 2

Seriously, I own 4 copies of this game.Why 4 copies? Because I love it so much. Because it fills me with joy. Because there is no life without BROTRR. Because it completes me.Don't just go out and "buy" it. I encourage everyone to go out and "Support" it with their love, kindness, and money.Believe the Hype.. this is the future. The Real Deal....

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Broken - avoid the hype 1

That's right, broken.1. you have to sit through the spoken dialog for each supporting character, sometimes at lengths of more than a minute. If you click on them again by accident, might as well break out a smoke, if that is your poison.2. each dungeon (and there are alot of them) MUST be cleared of the monsters contained within before you can proceed. And each time you clear it, it gives you a on screen notification that you cleared the stage, and then forces you to listen to this terrible musi...

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Bad Taste 8

There are some things in mmo's and large RPG games that should never take place, and features that should be in every game in some way, shape, or form. These features should be in the game before it is released..And this is how I start my review of LOTRO, bitter, angry and generally pissed? Yep. I wanted to get my girlfriend into mmo's and I pick this one based on the rave reviews people gave it. Not having arrows on the maps, directions, or otherwise anything indicating where to go, left the wo...

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The best DS game bar none, but.. 0

A predisposition towards Yu-Gi-Oh! the Card Game is require to enjoy this wonderful treat.Pretty much for the fans, World Championship 2007 is beyond wonderful, despite it's flaws. It has the most comprehensive card database, semi-impressive graphics, but what ultimately shines here, is the measure of replayability. Virtually endless, you could play this game for a very long time and not hit the end, plus it comes with online mulitplayer.If you were looking for a game that finally grabs the spir...

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