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P3P Personal Edurance Run - Day 14

Level 25 mini-boss reached and defeated way too easily, got his weakness the first try.  I might be over leveled perhaps due to hitting a level, warping back to save and then going back to the level for quite a few of the levels.
The main characters in this game are too broadly drawn though, more stereotypical than P4 it seems...


P3P Personal Edurance Run - Day 13

With now 4 people in my team, I made a big mistake - being overconfident.
Mid terms happened and there was much studying.  After the exams the 4th character unlocked, managed to get up 4-5 floors and then died a stupid death as I had forgotten to check on my main's health. Grrrr.
Need to get into the habit of saving more often by jumping back to the entrance.


P3P Personal Edurance Run - Day 12

Waiting for the first boss was spent social linking and exploring the town a bit more.  As full moon came the boss fell pretty easily.
Interesting that the boss was in the real world during the dark hour and it was a timed sequence, which I hate but it was pretty easy.  Hopefully doesn't happen again.
After the boss went down started the next section in the dungeon and things went bad.  First the healer went unconscious during a fight but didn't get up after it ended, and then ran into another fight and died.  Need to check up on how to get unconscious members back.


P3P Personal Edurance Run - Day 11

I really need to get back to playing this game regularly.
14th level mini-boss was too easy - exact opposite of the previous boss, this one was immune to physical attacks.  So magic and some attack strengthening buffs made it easy.  Level 16 reached, seems to be the big boss battle but the door was locked.  I assume full moon might be needed for that?


P3P Personal Edurance Run - Day 10

After personal stuff, finally got around to P3P again.
Second mini boss was definitely more challenging, as it needed physical attacks that drained HP, so Yukari had to be used for healing why juggling SP with the rest.  Its weird that you can try to analyze bosses as it never succeed s - might as well say that upfront :)
Post battle the team bailed out to the real world for some downtime and then hopped back in and reached the 14th level with yet another boss.


P3P Personal Edurance Run - Day 8

The game is opening up slightly more yet again.
I now have to choose a social link from several available ones at any time.  Decisions decisions.  One of the fellow students wants to ask out a teacher.  I guess all those recent female teacher/male student stories shows how prophetic P3 is!
Velvet room quests also opened up.  Some have a end date and seem to resolve around completing parts of the dungeon - I assume this is to help you finish everything on time?
And I can now play a MMORPG from my room.  How meta...


P3P Personal Edurance Run - Day 7

First boss battle went well, had to use some items to replenish HP/SP towards the end.  Basic attack with what does the most damage and heal when needed with the healer strategy.
Next level of the dungeon turned out to be easy, was expecting harder foes.  But this is Normal after all.
I do wish there was a way to figure out how soon someone will become "tired" though.  Probably missing something crucial.


P3P Personal Edurance Run - Day 6

More dungeon crawling (feeling overleveled right now), made it to the fifth floor where there are "3 shadows unlike anything you've seen before".  Big vulture thingies, decided it was best to use the portal next to them to go save (portal near new enemies = caution!) and recharge the PSP.
New thing today was the non-Persona cards that do things like give you items or heal your HP.  Kinda neat, don't remember that from the P4 endurance run.


P3P Personal Edurance Run - Day 5

Short session due to work.
Some more social linking today, met the old couple at the Bookstore and their social link started.  Looks like there is a Beef Bowl place in this game as well!  Surprised how similar the social aspects of the game is compared to P4, but its different enough to be interesting and they really do flesh out the characters well, even if a lot of the dialog is corny. 
Also joined a club today. Overdid it and working, still getting used to the Tired concept.

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