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Best of 2010

Mr_Faraday: Best of 2010

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  • This game had my number one place even before it came out. I have loved the Assassins Creed series since the first one. The story is very fascinating and the gameplay fun. What impresses me about this game is that despite not even being the official third game it has already managed to perfect everything these games have set out to do. This game is everything I love about Assassin's Creed, also the multiplayer is sooo fun.

  • An amazingly well made game, it has a great story, great charactors, fun gameplay, good music and even some decent multiplayer.

  • I get it, I know this game has ALOT of problems. Dont worry I BELIEVE you, I mean sure I've played over 80 hours and havent had a single problem but Im sure some game breaking glitch will come any day now right? No but seriousely this game is alot of fun, I love the free roam, the cool guns, the interesting stories and characters. Its just a blast.

  • It really says something about a games multiplayer when you've put over 100 hours into it... and never once touched the single player.

  • A very good game... but I can never make a game thats inferior to its predecessor my number one pick.

  • In my opinion the only downloadable game worth being put in a "Top 10" list, the humor and great gameplay made this game a must buy.

  • Im not usually into fighter games but this one was just a lot of fun to play.

  • A very fun shooter with a good multiplayer experience.

  • Im a casual player, but even this expansion got me very excited.

  • Not even a joke, aside from all its problems i find its story, characters, and voice acting to be very good. I sincerly enjoyed this game.