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One step back, a giant leap forward. 0

Heading into GTA: Chinatown Wars on the Nintendo DS, i was initially quite sceptical as to how the game was going to play. I loved the old top down GTAs back in the day, but i simply thought that with the introduction of the 3D versions of the game, a throwback to the top down perspective was going to equal nothing more than a step back for the series. Thankfully, i was wrong.   The game begins with your character, Huang Lee, arriving in Liberty City from Hong Kong shortly after his Triad boss, ...

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A really hard game to judge. 0

NOTE: Ok so i will state right off the bat that i bought this game online off STEAM for US$2.50. Keeping in mind that i only paid that much for it, im not going to be talking about the game in terms of good or bad value as i have no idea what price any readers are looking to pay for it. That being said, on with the review! STORY: The game takes place in the near future in a world where Oil is running dangerously low and the world has divided into more or less two separate superpowers. American a...

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Being the bad guy is always more fun. 0

I first found out about Evil Genius around about when it came out way back in 2004 but i didn't actualy get myself the game until a few years later. Basiclly Evil Genius takes movies like Austin Powers and turns them on their head. Although set in the world of 60's espionage, the era that gave us the birth of the Cold War and James Bond, the game allows you to play as the bad guy, the man (or woman) who's greatest desire is world domination. To achieve your goals your must build your underground...

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Wait... This isn't World War 2!!!! 0

Ok... Im going to say this straight off the bat... If you have Xbox LIVE, and don't own this game, go out and buy it. Like, right now! Ok so if you havent listened to me for some strange reason and still havent gone and bought this game yet, im now going to tell you exactly why you should. So lets kick things off with the single player.Single Player: Ok this games single player is good... very very good. Lots of different guns, lots of kick ass environments and some very scary realism. So the fi...

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