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Long time no speak

Hey Duders,

Been an age since I blogged on here. Since then I got that job I was looking for and will be leaving it to move north in a week.

I just finished Saint's Row 2, am now playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution and have Wolfenstein and Ace Combat Assault Horizon sitting next to me waiting to be played. When I move I am planing on getting some serious gaming done so we will see how that goes.

I plan to keep my gaming shenanigans updated on here as I go and also to post some reviews of the games I have mentioned but for all other things that are happening in my life I have created a separate blog over on Blogger titles The Limbo Life of Simon (

I was going to do that blog on here but I think it will end up being to unrelated to games and more about me so decided to keep it separate.

Feel free to have a read and leave comments if you so choose.

I will be back to let you know what I think of the upcoming games tho from what I have heard about Ace Combat I am wondering if that was a wise purchase.



Buying a SNES and my decent into financial darkness.

Hi all,  
 Certainly has been a while since I last did a blog on here. Since then i'v graduated from University and am now looking for a job. It is rather odd being in limbo like i am at the moment. In order to calm my nerves i have once again turned to gaming. I recently bought Darksiders and am about half wayish through that. Also got Alan Wake but havent even taken it out of the shrinkwrap yet.  
Mentioned in my last blog that i had access to a Wii, honestly have not really touched it since that day and have not purchased a single game for it and have no interest in doing so.   
In other news, as of about 30 minutes ago I am the owner of a SNES, never had one before and bought it in the hope that one day it will make up part of a collection of old gaming consoles. Really hoping that i dont regret the decision. Anyway it will still be another week or 2 before it is delivered to me but when that happens i'll be posting pics etc.  
Thats all for now, Thanks for reading. 


iv got a wii (sort of) game suggestions plz

So today is my mums birthday and we (my sister and i) got her a wii and wii fit. Now her and dad are heading off for a night away so she hasnt played it yet but iv been testing it out... just to make sure it works.  I dont mind what iv seen so far (wii sports and wii fit) and i was wondering what games i should get. Suggestions would be awesome.  


New computer and RPGs.

Hey all.  
So i currently have a laptop thats more or less packed it in and im replacing it with a new desktop. The new computer should be able to run just about everything at mid level settings. Because i do most of my gaming on my consoles i figured that id use the new PC for games that are better suited to a PC setup (RTS and RPGs).  
Iv always been into RTS and thats fine but iv never been able to get my head around RPGs. This is much to my friends horror as she plays them quite a bit (she bought Morrowind on the day it came out when she was 12). Now i loved Oblivion on 360 so shes suggested Morrowind with mods to make it look nice and also Neverwinter Nights that i do own but never really had a good go at.   

Now, my question is this: If you were trying to convince me to play RPGs, what games would you recommend. Remember that im a noob so be gentle and if i could get them cheap that would be a major bonus. Also feel free to throw in any comments that might convince me that iv been missing out all these years!  


Have Skullcandy, will podcast.

Not much to update yall on in terms of games that iv been playing. had a lot of uni work so not much happening on the gaming front.  
Get my new glasses in about a week or so from today, sort of be glad to get them and start getting used to them.  
And the big news! went and bought my Skullcandy Lowriders that iv been wanting for a LONG time. Living in Australia means that i cant just get them off coz they only ship to the US and Canada. Iv had to wait for JB Hifi to get them in here and they finally have. Also got a jack adaptor so i can use them with my 360, tho i havent tried it yet.  
Currently listening to the Bombcast with them on, Ryan has much more polished voice with these on!  
Until next time, 


Hey, hi, hello, im back!

Ok, so, with the exception of my last post which was simply for points, i havent blogged for quite a while, really not sure why i stopped but there ya go.  
Updates!!! I did manage to finish mass effect 1, i then went and bought Mass Effect 2, finished it and loved every fucking minute of it! I never ended up getting Bioshock 2 mainly because i am a poor uni student. I never finished Fallout 3 tho i will try again some time and my diet/exercise regime is up and down.  
As of yesterday i am playing Just Cause 2 and really liking it. Played the first one and it was ok but this is very nice indeed. Story isnt much but the gameplay is fun and thats all i want.  
Also, went to the eye doctor yesterday and found out that i will soon have glasses and will continue to have them for the rest of my life.  
Oh and the point system has come in and im now level 12, i feel all warm and fuzzy.  
Until next time, 


Random blog for points and maybe help me???

Ok so,  
1) this blog gives me points, yay me.  
2) I need help with the limited edition quest, i dont want anyone to spoil it for others so DONT just post the answer!!! if you want either give me a clue or hint in this blogs comments or PM me the answer, any help would be appreciated :) 


Cleaning up my unfinished games (FINALLY!!!)

Hello world. 
So recently i decided to go back and finish Mass Effect in order to experience the second one, something i have failed to do ever since i bought about 2-3 years ago. To my surprise i have managed to almost finish it completely and will clean up the last mission in a day or so (whenever i get time really). Playing and completing this game made me think about my other games that i have never finished. I generally find that i don't finish my games or at least not to 100% completion anyway. This has lead me to ask the question, "which games am i more likely to finish and why"?  
The answer to this question will undoubtedly change for each individual, but in my case at least i find that i am more likely to finish a game if it is shorter than average (anything over 20 hours and i would be struggling with) and has as few cut-scenes as possible, despite this i still find myself loving any game that (i think) has a decent story. I loved GTA4's story and how it didn't pull any punches in its grittiness and brutality. On the other hand i found that Metal Gear Solid 4 was abhorrent (yes, i know many of you know hate me, please be kind).  All i can think of to explain this is that my attention span does not have the ability to deal with that game's long LONG cut-scenes which i will admit is a pity seeing as how story driven it is.  
The findings of my deep and meaningful (not really, it took about 10 minutes on the sofa) think about the games that i play has resulted in an answer that makes perfect sense, and yet one that i am profoundly surprised by. The answer to my question is "i am more likely to play games that i believe are fun". This answer itself brings up many new questions itself... damn.      
In other news i will be picking up Bioshock 2 and Mass Effect 2 some time in the next few weeks and also attempting to finish (once again) Fallout 3. Hopefully i will manage to juggle all of this around my new diet/exercise regime that i am forcing myself into! Wish me luck! 
Until next time, Happy Gaming! 


I got a ds. WIN!

So i ended up buying a Nintendo ds Lite. Am well impressed with it so far. Got Professor Layton and Pandora's Box and Phoenix Wright when i got it and just got GTA: Chinatown Wars today. Honestly loving everything to do with it. All the games are awesome and i really could not be happier. If anyone is interested iv started a few topics in the ds forum if anyone wants to suggest some games. Not going to be getting any for a while seeing as i dont want to have a huge stack of unfinished/unplayed games like i do with all my other systems.  
Also, didnt realise till a friend mentioned it to me, but if i get a Wii then i will have all current gen systems (360, ps3, wii, psp, ds). I really dont know if i should be proud of this fact for not. Im leaning towards the not part.  
Leave any comments or questions. Any game suggestions or whatever.  
Until next time, 


Multiplayer, DS Lite and Buying Online.

Hello gamers.  
Ok so been a bit since i last blogged and since then i have had a few interesting gaming experiences.  
First off i went and downloaded the MAG Open Beta and was really quite impressed, i know that a lot of you out there didnt like it for the graphics etc etc but i felt that it was really sort of a throw back to the old Online FPS such as Battlefield 1942 and such. Very tactical game when compared to games like MW2 which seem just chaotic and messy in comparison. Most likely i will be picking up the retail copy of the game when it comes out here (Febuary 11 i think).  
Also im thinking of getting a DS Lite seeing as EB Games is selling them used for $120 AUD. Have started a forum topic about this seeing as i cant decide if i should A) Get the used/cheap Lite, B) Wait it out and see if the DSi drops in price, C) wait and see if something new and possible better comes out this year. If you want to comment on this go to the topic in the forums. LINK: 
Last but not least i want to talk about buying games online. As some of you may know i live in Australia and as Rayfield has pointed out in his blog on this site, being a gamer in Australia is sort of sucky. One of the main problems i have with it is that we pay a lot more for our games than other parts of the world do (especially the United States). In order to counter this i have been looking around online for some game bargains. Ebay is looking like the most likely option for games. Tho i have bought a 12 month LIVE subscription off which were almost $30 cheaper than RRP. I know a lot of people use Playasia but i havent seen a whole lot of great prices on there to be honest.  
If any of you out there buy games online on a regular basis then feel free to comment and let me know where you go or any hints and tips you have to getting cheap games.  
As usual feel free to comment on the blog or ask me any questions.  
Until next time, happy gaming.  

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