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Have Skullcandy, will podcast.

Not much to update yall on in terms of games that iv been playing. had a lot of uni work so not much happening on the gaming front.  
Get my new glasses in about a week or so from today, sort of be glad to get them and start getting used to them.  
And the big news! went and bought my Skullcandy Lowriders that iv been wanting for a LONG time. Living in Australia means that i cant just get them off coz they only ship to the US and Canada. Iv had to wait for JB Hifi to get them in here and they finally have. Also got a jack adaptor so i can use them with my 360, tho i havent tried it yet.  
Currently listening to the Bombcast with them on, Ryan has much more polished voice with these on!  
Until next time,