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Remember the rumor that said the first DLC will star a biker? I bet it's Johnny of the Lost biker gang. He met Niko in (at least) two missions and ended getting away with the diamond money in the Libertonian museum mission. He was pretty well detailed for such a small role in the initial story. Also one of the Housers mentioned in an interview that he wanted to explore telling a story for different sides... and Johnny would make a prime candidate for another viewpoint on the diamond subplot.

Also John Gamberelli (Don of the Gambetti crime family) mentioned having a showdown with the leader of the Ancellottis back in 1972... I wouldn't be surprised if we got to experience his rise to Donhood.

I see the "exclusive" DLC going to the PC (before the PS3) due to it being a Microsoft platform; whom bought the exclusivity for the DLC. There might be a new weapon (gimme silenced pistol) or vehicle (screw planes, I want the Rhino tank or a Jetski), but I wouldn't expect there to be many more things that could possibly upset the balance laid by the initial release. There might be new cheats added that affect physics or combat, or something like the old sandbox style cheats of previous GTAs (i.e: hovering cars or super punch). I would not expect another borough, however I would love one that was all countryside and towns.

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Not drastically overrated; but somewhat overrated, yes. I think it got scores like it did because so much was expected from it that fans and critics alike didn't want to disillusion themselves. Perhaps they were hoping the DLC would justify the initial scores. Regardless, GTA4 is barely above an 8.5 on it's best day.

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I would bet money there will be mods. "Hot Coffee" was a fluke and is not capable of happening in GTA4 (since the scenes aren't on the game disc). Though I would not put it past the modding community to strip the "Hot Coffee" code from SA and import it into GTA4 with modern character models. I doubt enough freedom will be given over euphoria modification, but that sounds like the funnest part to mess with.

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24, played GTA1 demo in spring 1998 when I was 14. Been addicted ever since.