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@NateDogg said:

" Update on topic...  No DLC for ANY OF US. "


Especially when you need to spend $50+ USD on a suitable input device. I spent 80 on an arcade stick (including modifications) on SF4 which cost me only $20 on Steam. Assholes. 
To be clear, I would never have intended on spending $100 on a Street Fighter game in the first place (which I did) as I'm not that to the genre. Also I would have paid up to $30 for this content to upgrade my current edition. Surely they'll charge no more than $40 (even on consoles) so they could make that physical print cash back easily by merging the two products for those who bought the (non existent) DLC option.
/goes to angrily unpause the minimized SF4 application after leaving it frozen for 48+ hours on a battle with Seth.

(quote fixed)
edit: ah well, we all know the future is about nickle and diming digitally. It'll eventually get there along with the monthly Madden fee.
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NFS Shift has this awesome effect with the subwoofer channel (in dolby digital/5.1)for those of us that have bass-chairs (or tactile transducers) where you can feel the engine rev, collisions, and grip/offroad/curbs/rumble strips tire reaction as you drive. It's an excellent effect that ALL DRIVING GAMES should attempt to emulate. Makes me wish I had a force feedback driving wheel in conjunction.
Haven't tried GRiD. I'll grab the demo and see if this feature is in it, but I'd doubt it. Forza 3 doesn't have it... only lightly with collisions.

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Mine's MrFloorKox. I used to go by RedBawlz, which would have also totally worked.

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Everybody needs a pseudonym in the off chance they're approached to do a dirty film. What's yours?

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@Matfei90:  Fable? This isn't about games that didn't meet hype, but about games that actually delivered at one point or another.
Fable has only ever been hype. I remember being so disappointed with the first game. I learned my lesson with Lionhead games after that, which was my second burn. Anybody remember the original Black & White hype?
Aw, I messed up my perfect 1000 postcount.
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@JazGalaxy: For somebody with a default 'alignment' avatar you raise many valid points. I fully agree with the FF and JM parts. I don't know if i'll ever be into straight up FF again, but I could imagine a proper Jet Moto reimagining.
But the only reason the first Tenchu was so great was because we were in love with the recently revamped stealth gameplay of MGS at the time it was released. I mean the concept is great and I would LOVE to play a good version of the idea, but the gameplay still feels like it's from 2002. Can we get an outsourcing to a Western developer that grew up on the bad (yet badfuckinass to a kid's imaginaiton) ninja movies of the 80's, up in this piece?
Final Fantasy isn't Final Fantasy anymore... which is fine, but I miss the games I grew up on. Perhaps it's the fact hat I grew up. Same for Fallout.
Then again it could be that the actual specific people that make up the individual vertebrae of the backbone of the series don't have the same grip on the brands they used to. (RIP Troika Games)
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It's because COD has the bandwagon factor to its advantage; like Halo.
Damnit, that was a defensive response. I'm sorry.
You are right though. IW knows how to look at an existing idea and innovate on it like no other.

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Battlefield has taken the slow path to directly counter COD. I'm kinda disappointed they haven't stepped up their game a little bit more.
Then again one could say they're trying to pave a separate path of their own. I just hate how so COD gets recognized for so much of what BF initially brought to MP FPS.
Also GTA4 fell so short of what it could have been. Luckily/sadly the DLC is (also very slowly) making up for it.
Many classic Square RPG series have become sour, then again so have some CRPG series. Perhaps I'm growing out of the straight RPG scene.

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I wonder if they'll land licensed signature guitars for DLC. As much as I hate microtransactions, I would TOTALLY buy a Dimebag Darrell guitar for Eddie (and better yet also usable as a prop for my XBL avatar).

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@Killjoy: Agreed. Summer releases are always welcome, IMO. Two of my favorite games of the year came out in Summer (BF1943 and Prototype). I really thought GTA4's spring release success would have made the pubs rethink their strategy. Who knows, perhaps 2010 will actually be the year they figure out for themselves that people buy games year-round.