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Bomberman still rocks! 0

One of my favorite games has been Bomberman 93. While the story mode was bad, the multiplayer was top-notch. Bomberman Blast is definitely one of the best in the series.GameplayBomberman Blast is played holding the Wii-mote sideways. The D-Pad is used to move around, the 2 button is used to drop bombs and the 1 button is for some specific items. You can also shake the Wii-mote to use some items. We will get back to that in a minute.The supports up-to 8 players. But to make this work you will 4 W...

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Great game specifically for the hardcore 0

The SSX series finally arrives on the WIi. Iv always loved the series, but I was a little concerned while picking this game up because of the controls. Fortunately they turned out perfectly fine.DesignSSX Blur follows basically the same structure of SSX 3. There are 3 peaks. In the beginning only the first peak is unlocked. You can ride around to enter events or tournaments. Or you can freeride down the slopes doing various challenges that are scattered around mountain. To unlock the other 2 pea...

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A truly amazing game! 2

Mario is on his first real adventure on the Wii. But will it even begin to live up to the hype it has been getting? Yes.StoryThe story in Super Mario Galaxy is simple. During an annual Mushroom Kingdom Cometfestival, Bowser once again comes and rips Princess Peach's castle out of the ground. Mario is zapped out into space. When he wakes up he meets this strange new character named princess Rosalina. Princess Rosaline offers to help Mario. The story isn't great but thats pretty obvious. No Mario ...

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Great multiplayer game! 1

If you like Nintendo, you will love Super Smash Bros. Brawl! It has a huge character roster. Bigger than any other fighting game to date. Some of the characters are pretty identical though. The game gives you a nice amount of characters to start with and you will eventually unlock more as you progress through the game.A new feature to the game is the Subspace Emissary mode. This is basically the single player mode of the game. Although you can play it with a friend as well. This mode plays like ...

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