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    Bomberman Blast

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Sep 29, 2008

    Bomberman Blast is the WiiWare debut for the Blue Bomber.

    mushir's Wi-Fi 8-Nin Battle Bomberman (Wii Shop) review

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    Bomberman still rocks!

    One of my favorite games has been Bomberman 93. While the story mode was bad, the multiplayer was top-notch. Bomberman Blast is definitely one of the best in the series.

    Bomberman Blast is played holding the Wii-mote sideways. The D-Pad is used to move around, the 2 button is used to drop bombs and the 1 button is for some specific items. You can also shake the Wii-mote to use some items. We will get back to that in a minute.

    The supports up-to 8 players. But to make this work you will 4 Wii-motes as-well as 4 GameCube controllers. If you plug your GameCube controllers to the Wii-motes you can start playing with 7 other friends!

    The game obviously has the normal "Classic" mode. It also has a couple of other modes. Like one where you can't lay bombs but you have to dodge bombs that are falling down from the sky. Unlike many other games, all the modes are fun and should definitely be tried out!

    Items & Stages
    The usual items are here. Thankfully. But Hudson has also given us some new items to mess around with. For example there is a rocket item you can pick up. To use this item you need to shake the Wii-mote. That will send you up into the air, so you can't get hit by bombs.

    There are 10 stages in Bomberman Blast. The Classic stage is still here. Some of the other stages are a lot of fun but chances are you will wanna play on the Classic stage the most.

    The main reason I bought this game was because it has Online. And it is really good. You can go online alone or with a couple other friends. When playing with random people you choose what mode you want and what you want to play on. The computer randomly picks one of the modes and stages chosen by the players. Finding people is quick. If your opponents have already started a game you will be told to play a fun little mini-game. I should also mention that there is little to no lag in the online mode.

    Playing with friends online obviously uses the stupid friend-codes. But its still fun. You can also send them small messages, kinda like in Super Smash Bros Brawl.

    Bomberman Blast looks pretty good for a WiiWare game. It actually looks better then some Wii retail games... It has bright colors and nice sound effects. A little disappointment was that none of the old Bomberman songs are in here.

    Bomberman Blast is one of the few WiiWare games actually worth purchasing at the moment. The online mode is a ton of fun. But with friends its truly a blast! For only 1000 points, you can't go wrong with Bomberman Blast!

    + Great Online
    + Tons of options
    + Mii Support
    + Nice graphics
    + Up-to 8 players can play

    - Classic songs are gone
    - Friend Codes

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