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    Bomberman Blast

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Sep 29, 2008

    Bomberman Blast is the WiiWare debut for the Blue Bomber.

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    Bomberman Blast is a WiiWare game available in Europe and North America for 1000 points. A retail version is available in Japan with more features and a story mode.


    Bomberman Blast is played using the the Wii Remote sideways.

    Blowing up your friends Mii feels incredibly satisfying!
    Blowing up your friends Mii feels incredibly satisfying!

    The game also utilises some motion-controls.which are activated by shaking the Wii Remote. Items that use this feature are the rocket item which will send you up in the air, to use a shield to protect yourself from blasts or to transform into a bomb.

    Bomberman Blast supports Miis as well. To unlock it you must play on each stage.

    Unlike most other games in the series where the maximum amount of players allowed was 4, Bomberman Blast supports up-to 8 players. To play with 8 players you will need 4 Wii controllers and 4 Gamecube controllers.


    There are 10 stages in Bomberman Blast. Each stage can be chosen in a Normal or a Large size.

    • Classic - Simple stage, no gimmicks. It's easy to see who has true skills in this one.
    • Open Field - You can run but you can't hide in this one! No hard blocks to crouch behind!
    • Power Freaks - No soft blocks. Kicks & punches can be used, and blasts are strong from the start.
    • UFO Mania - A mysterious UFO hovers about in the sky. Get abducted & throw bombs from it!
    • Potholes - A stage full of potholes! Bomb blasts go right over them too, so be careful!
    • Hyper Feet - You run at top speed in this stage. But don't run to fast and lose focus!
    • Bomb Bowling - Kicked bombs go in the direction of arrows, so kick your way to victory here!
    • Item Grab - A stash of items are visible from the start. Grab 'em fast and get the win!
    • Volcanoes - Toxic steam billows up from beneath, turning normal bombs into Dangerous bombs!
    • Zombies - Restless corpses slain in battle haunt this eerie stage, grabbing from the stage.


    You can choose between 6 different modes in Bomberman Blast.

    • Normal - Run around and blow everyone up to win! Classic Bomberman action!
    • Countdown - A countdown starts if you're bombed, and once time runs out you're toast.
    • Teams - Get into teams and have bangin' time! Just don't hit your teammates.
    • King - It's a scramble for the crown! Whoever has it at the end wins.
    • Surprise - Stages & rules are chosen at random. Get the set # of wins for victory.
    • Air Raid - It's rainin' bombs! Dodge 'em or use shields, but you can't set bombs!



    Bomberman Blast also features a Wi-Fi mode. You can play with other people in the same country or go worldwide. To play with friends you will need to share friend codes. When playing with friends via Wi-Fi you can also send them 4 customizable messages. You can also check out the leader-boards and see how you stack up against other players in the world.


    Up to 8 players can play Bomberman blast using a combination of Wii-motes and Gamecube controllers.


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