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MillerWakka: Best of 2009

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  • I like Batman. A lot. The comics, the cartoons, a couple of the movies are all pretty great. And now the game! With lore stranded somewhere between the books and the Bruce Timm series, Arkham Asylum spins such a great Batman story, and happened to put it in the most accurate, realistic Batman Simulator to date.

  • I've never been a huge Resi fan. I've played all the numbered games before, and they've all been pretty solid adventures that never really did anything for me. Until 4 came along of course, and did a few things that were kind of alright. 5 polished and improved on the mechanics of the last one, and although it reduced the 'survival horror' themes, it upped the 'holy crap super adventure explosion time' factor to such an insane degree. On top of the Hollywood-esque experience, I just loved going back in over and over for S ranks, extra weapons, achievements and all that. The game looked pretty great too.

  • This game blew me away. The music, the characters, the graphics, the action - everything. Ok, not everything. Some bit's were kind of weird and janky - left overs from the last game in some way. However, the highs of the experience are so ridiculously high, and the lows (which aren't actually -that- low, just in comparison to the stellar parts) are so few and far between, you can forgive them.

    Seriously, you have to escape a collapsing building by leaping through a sheet of glass. While still fighting dudes. And dodging helicopter fire. This game is OK.

  • I know this came out in 2007. And I absolutely, positively don't care! I only recently repurchased a Wii (in sleek Black I might add!), and in catching up with every game I've missed since I had one last (early 2007).

    Hot damn, what a game! Mario 64 blew me away back in the day, that fabled Christmas morning when I received it, Blast Corps, and, thankfully, a Nintendo 64 to play them on. But man, I'm tempted to say this game is even better than that one. Obviously not as revolutionary, but the graphics, sound, mechanics and sheer diversity of levels helps me become a kid all over again.

    The only reason this isn't number 1 on my list is because it technically shouldn't be on this list at all.

  • The reason you fell in love with the Wii - Part 2. The sword fighting is rude, the table tennis is fantastic. Infact, nearly every game in the package has merits. It's exciting watching the game demonstrate how the motionplus works and improves on the original Wii Remote technology, and I can't wait to see what other teams manage to do with it.

  • I like Halo a lot. I'm not really into the multiplayer, but I've always enjoyed Bungie's approach to single player campaigns. Though it lacked the big, epic space opera stylings of the main games, the focussed, smaller scope yarn was an interesting change.

    Also, the game plays like it was a Halo game.

  • I have a soft spot for lightgun games. They're dumb, basic & simple, but the diluted, easy-access fun and tactile satisfaction always brings me back to simpler times. This is a good light gun game, with a lot of unlockables and things to do in and around the main game. The game is also hilarious from start to finish, with style oozing and drooling out of it's various orifices, and is about as gross as that last statement.

  • I sometimes find RTS games a little too daunting. Too much going on for my small brain to comprehend. So, if you told me Relic had refined the genre down into it's pure, tactical base, dealing with a small number of units, and if you also told me they'd added a rpg levelling system, AND if you told me they'd put 40k all over it... wait, you don't need to tell me, I played it. And it's in my GoTY because of it.

  • Ok, so it only came out in Japan in 2009, but surely it can count? What a stellar game! I love my character action games, and the depth, breadth and wealth of content in this game is far from matched!