Best of 2010

MillerWakka: Best of 2010

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  • Amazing from top to bottom. Really, do I need to justify this?

  • Didn't think it pushed the story as far as it could have gone (especially in terms of intensity. And it could have done with a teensy bit more Halo:CE fan service, to be honest), but boy, what a game! Spectacular graphics, wonderful music and that classic halo action but without any of the slow parts. Awesome.

  • Yo, do you like After Burner?

  • Four Sonic Games came out this Winter. One was a racing game, two were 2D platformers, and one was a 3D platformer. Hoo, I know which the awful one will be- wait, what?

  • OhgodsointenseidonthaveenoughfingerstodothisbitJASON

  • Fuck you Ryan, I am very angry with you because you have a different opinion to me.

    Naw, as a bit of an animation & Disney fanboy, I loved this game to pieces. So darn charming.

  • Loved it. Loved it loved it loved it. And I even played the janky-ass 360 version. Came at a time when I really needed a big meaty game. And boy was it meaty!

  • So I heard you like mines. You know what I like? Realising my entire week has suddenly disappeared, but check out this mine I dug. too deep for you? Oh, don't worry, just use this rail system I built.

  • Why was this good? It had no business being good! But it was a super intense shooter with some amazing set pieces, a lot of single player content and some great boss fights. Oh my god remember the bit when you're flying out of the space station and the bay transforms into the inside of Trypticon's mouth? Yeah.

  • So. Godamn. Broken. But golly, was the core concept of choice handled better here than in any other game. I've never felt like a game's story has been directly influenced by my actions as much as this game. That, for me, made playing through some janky ass shooting more than worth it. Also? Boning.