Yesterday I crossed the 53% mark with 55,665 for my achievements.  I’m off of gamefly for the time being, so I'm left going back to some older ones to finish them off. Played through Assassins Creed again for the conversationalist, and grabbed the flags. I really enjoyed Hitman going for the professional Silent Assassins. I had a great time burning through the game on easy for the last achievement. You can get away with murder compared to professional mode. ( pun?)

Now I'm back on the Halo 3 train after more than a year off. Call of Duty is so much more my pace and style. I am enjoying the new maps and chasing those new achievements though. I'm personally holding off on Mythic for now. I can wait until it drops to the magical price of free when ODST comes out.

Well 53% took a bit.  I doubt I'll reach the coveted 75% with the coming wave of games which will add another huge gap to the completion list. Check out 360voice.com if you follow your achievements or want to join up with the Giantbomb group. Its a blast.