Other Games of 2015

This year saw a lot of exciting games, but there just isn't enough time to play everything that I want. For the most part, the games mentioned below I stopped playing due to being pulled away by something else.

List items

  • I love "Metroidvania" games, and Axiom Verge made a great first-impression. Then I became lost and distracted by the real world (and probably other games), thoroughly losing any sense of where I needed to go next. After that point, I dropped Axiom Verge entirely. I don't blame the game, given that time away from almost any "Metroidvania" will result in the same problem.

  • I'm a sucker for anything that Intelligent Systems creates, so a strategy game drawing comparisons to Valkyria Chronicles should've been an easy sell. Owing perhaps to the cramp level designs, S.T.E.A.M. failed to grab me for a decent length of time.

  • Sometimes I wonder if I like the idea of Etrian Odyssey -- difficult RPG in which I draw out a map of the dungeon -- more than the games themselves. Untold 2 doesn't do anything wrong, but I didn't stick with it long. Maybe that's simply my problem?

  • It's little surprise that Freedom Planet takes so many cues from Sonic the Hedgehog given that it started as a fan-made Sonic game. Then they decided not to risk getting in trouble with Sega and created something that they could sell. Freedom Planet isn't ambitious, but it's a good Sonic-style game with pretty 16-bit graphics.

  • I have few memories of old LucasArts adventure games, but I knew enough about cult classic Grim Fandango to grab my interest. When the game hit Sony's platforms, I jumped in and found an old-school adventure, complete with nebulous answers to puzzles. For those of us who didn't grow up playing these types of games, Grim Fandango is perhaps best enjoyed with a FAQ.

  • Granting me an unlimited supply of bricks that interact the same as real LEGO bricks would've made my childhood brain explode, but that's what LEGO Worlds is, for the most part. Not every LEGO brick is available, and otherwise this game launched as a low-rent Minecraft clone. It's been updated a number of times, but I haven't jumped in recently to see how this Steam Early Access title has progressed.

    Regardless, LEGO Worlds won't make a "Best Of" list until it's out of Early Access. (That could've already happened, though. I haven't checked.)

  • Drawing positive comparisons to 2D Sonic is a great way to catch my interest, but Tembo is a one-trick pony. It's fun to run through stages as an elephant wearing a bandanna, crushing enemies beneath his feet, but it didn't add enough to keep things interesting.

  • The game that will win people's Game of the Year relegated to the "Other Games" list? Mostly because of one major reason: I hate the world of The Witcher. Where many love this setting because it's dark and depressing is the exact reason why I don't want to spend time there. The forests and fields are colorful, but the villages are filled with misery. That's not fun.

  • Well, it's an improvement over Halo 4. While I didn't have a problem with the campaign's length, the story was far from memorable and the cast remained undeveloped. Worse is that I simply didn't enjoy fighting the Prometheans. Where the Covenant and The Flood were vastly different fighters, Covenant and Prometheans aren't different enough, making each mission feels largely the same regardless of enemy.

    It's worth noting that I only played one or two multiplayer matches. Online play doesn't interest me anymore.