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Reinventing the way you skate in a video game. 0

Skating in the video game industry was largely run by the monopoly of the Tony Hawk series, that is until EA unveiled skate., a revolutionary way to simulate skating in a video game. And boy, did they nail it down real well. They did away with button mashing with the Tony Hawk series, and went straight to the right thumbstick, controlling most of the tricks. This system was ingenious, the right thumbstick mimicked everything your front foot did, such as a kickflip, or a pop shove-it. That in its...

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Either your love it or hate it. 0

Chromehounds, debuted a few years back as an Xbox 360 game only, created to be a technical mech simulation, with some key team elements. The back story behind Chromehounds is fairly bland to be honest, that will barely draw your attention at the most. The single player is more of a tutorial if you will, for the multiplayer you will be embarking. In the single player campaign, you are a mercenary who will fight for certain factions, and blah, blah, blah. The single player, quite bluntly is total ...

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