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Drunk list

Best games of the Current Generation.

Fallout New Vegas: immersion immersion immersion I have never felt so in a world in a videogame, and such a unique specific universe,,Fallout 3 was so "Mutant Kill Videogame" NV was so unique.

Saints Row 2: I personally like the pace of this game more than SR 3 I like the respect meter more in this game than in SR 3, I play it quite often.

COD MW: Fuck you this game was revolutionary at the time, persistent stats, in an FPS that isn't an MMO, yea it was good, it was fucking great.

Dragon Age: the social aspect of this game was amazing, I couldn't stop playing.

Super Street Fighter 4: got me back into fighters, period.

Mass effect: I loved this game, two and three were a little disappointing but the first one was true to its star trek roots.

Yakuza 3: loved it, nothing revolutionary but I loved it.

Skyrim: I loved roaming around the world, it felt like an actual place, I cant wait for more DLC but the actual story line was kinda shit. its a great game in spite of its self.

Rockband 3: Any time my friends come over for boozing we always end up rocking out on this, the perfect party game and social gaming is the best gaming.

Assassins Creed 2: one was good brotherhood was great but AC2 is really well paced and fun all the way through.

Risk Factions: Its Risk whats more to say...I guess its the best of the virtual versions of boardgames I have bought this gen due to DLC availability.

Saints Row 3: batshit insane I dont like all the missions or the way the rep meter works but the story is nuts as are most of the missions.

Bioshock: Loved the fully realized world and the twist...great fucking game.

Mortal Kombat: How story modes in games should be done in fighters going forward.

Red Dead Redemption: I love westerns and I thought this game really captured the feel of a western.

There are other games that have been great but these I believe are the best of the best.

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