Game of The Year 2014

I can't say that I have finished all of these games. In actual fact I doubt I will have completed most of them. The older I get the more disposable income I seem to have but the less time I have to enjoy it.

Anyway below are the games I enjoyed the most. Regardless of how far into them I managed to make it.

List items

  • I hate The Lord of the Rings. With a passion. Its just all fantasy bullshit mumbo jumbo. This game though the mechanics. The nemesis system. Its just fantastic.

  • Every other South Park game has been a hot pile of garbage...I assume I have never actually taken the time to play them. But the 12 hours I spent with this little RPG was magical.

    The script is hilarious, the game looks just like the show and the game plays pretty great too

  • Slowly year by year my interest in Call of Duty has been waning.

    I'm not too sure Advanced Warfare has bought me back but it is definitely the best Call of Duty game in years. The Exo suit changes things just enough for the game to feel fresh and fun again.

  • I played through the game on PC when it was first released. It was good but bringing it to consoles just made the game perfect for me.

    The 1 to 1 to control, being able to dodge. Makes the game more of an action RPG and a shit ton more fun for me.

  • You like Far Cry 3 right. Its that but in the mountains and well more of that.

  • I bought a PS4 for this game. I am not exactly sure why having not finished the original and never even touching the sequel.

    I'm glad I did though this game is amazing.

  • Its FIFA. I buy it every year. I like it every year. Deal with it.

  • Getting 4 mates together. Having a few beers. Bang on the PS4. Trust me there is no better game than sports friends.

    We haven't had the balls to play Joust yet we are scared it might erupt into an all out fist fight.

  • Yeah it took me 70 minutes to complete the new mode but its another Metal Gear Game but it actually plays well.

  • Its good...there just isn't enough of it. Its repetitive, its shallow, the enemies are basically re skinned versions of each other.

    I did say it was good right?

    Playing this game with 5 other people, doing the raid was probably my favourite gaming moment of 2014. This is why its on my list.