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XBL Gold was and is an absurd ripoff, so PSN/PS+ is already well ahead in my books.

I think because of my milk, xbox one dudes can enjoy 300,000 servers. enjoy it lads for my teet is dry and i'm moving to greener pastures

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@ben_h: i'm not too sure about how many inches i want but i'll be playing at a desk, if that helps :S

@markini6: thanks, the phone part seems really sweet. i'll be sure to give it a proper look

@me3639: You don't think the next consoles will use 120hz?

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@thebrainninja: thanks a heap! Yep, I was talking about 'computer monitors' & I would have it sat on a desk so the range wouldn't be too far. Thanks for the links and explaining the difference between IPS and TN. I was trying to figure that out myself by googling but ended up fairly confused. I've been looking at the two computer monitors mentioned above^. But, taking your advice into account...is this BenQ a decent monitor?

EDIT: Just noticed it was TN...bollocks.

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@somejerk: I think I'm going to plug my headset to the xbox 360 via usb & the cables running from the xbox into the monitor. That's my 360 setup anyway, hopefully it still works come next gen

I've been looking at these BenQ and asus monitors in particular. My only issue being they are 60hz. Do you feel the new consoles will 'support' 120hz? Because i'd hate to blow money on a 60hz monitor if they do.

This thread should probably have been called 'Next Gen 60hz or 120hz' :S

Thanks a lot for your help

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maybe...but it's too early to take bets

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So, my flatscreen crapped out on me the other week and i've been looking around at monitors. Problem is, they're confusing the shit out of me. Could you guys make a recommendation on a good monitor which might hold up for either of the next two consoles? I understand the fps is capped for this gen, will it be increased for the xbox one & ps4? Thanks, I understand basic stuff like hz and some of the differences between the monitor types. Much appreciated :)

  • I like to play shooty games
  • my budget is probably below $500
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@darji said:

@subjugation said:

Read the update.

From Twitter:

@Laughing__Man_ Sorry for the confusion, that was in regards to Xbox 360.

It's pretty amusing to see how quickly people are willing to latch on to rumors and speculation. It's even more amusing when they're wrong. Doesn't anyone check things out first before they start on a witch hunt anymore?

Here is the thing though. What should make it different? Xbox Live will always be Xbox live and through the fact that all your physical games are now basically just digital versions this would apply to this as well. It is not an misunderstanding it is just that they have not said anything about it yet. What makes you honestly believe that this will not also apply to the Xbox one when everything else got way more restricted? Do you really believe they will change this?

You are right, it could be the same. It could also be different. The fact of the matter is we don't know. I don't know. You don't know. Pretending that you do in the mean time is completely pointless. I like to wait for things to be official before I go spouting off. I think that's reasonable, don't you?

It's called 'speculating'. It's a thing. Less than a fraction of the people in this thread are going mungo. We could all take a year off and know for certain about the entire console & all its TOS. But I think that's less fun, don't you?

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Why are they answering these questions? I highly doubt these guys are contracted to answer 'every single xbox related question'. Why not ignore these dudes who are obviously going to screen cap this shit?

Probably because xbox support enjoys messing with these clowns

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This will only apply to violation of TOS right? i.e. hacking & cheating? I don't think being rude/asshole is bannable but being racist and homophobic definitely is. Hopefully this creates less clowns online but I'm not too hopeful. Instead of people being racist and homophobic they'll just call you a dick-head

To stop people being douches online you would have to remove anonymity i.e. have everyone sign in through facebook ;S