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Honestly I just have fun getting on and playing with my friends. We usually just fuck around for a bit, like we'll make up challenges for ourselves or we'll just drive around and jump over shit. Seriously, that's what we do. Every once in a while we'll do a mission or race but getting into lobbies is a hassle so we usually just so the other stuff I mentioned before. For hours. I don't really know why we like doing it because just typing this out is making me bored.

Hey I mean if you have fun doing it I get it. I really want to like this game... but the person I play with I also play COD with and they don't have the longest of attention spans... so fucking around in the city doesn't appeal to them as much as it does to me. I just found the game incredibly clunky and the menus sucked ... just little things like if we all walk into a mission beginning area at the same time why not assume we want to play together? And I got sick of dying then spawning in the country... and getting wrecked by dudes with WAY more money than me was annoying.

Again, I wanted to like GTA Online and pushed myself to play it, and maybe with the right group I could have liked it more... but I gave that game way too many chances and it let me down every time.

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Clearly a personal joke. And based on your post history I'd say you're probably an excellent troll. Congratulations, I guess.

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I went into Dark Souls pretty blind except for ONE thing that you HAVE TO KNOW! (enter you email to find out!)


Don't spend any points on Resistance. Endurance or Vitality are good 'go-to' stats if you're at a loose end as to what to do. My tip anyway.

Anyway, ignore all the "YOU NEED AN FAQ!!!!" bullshit ... you can fumble your way through the game just fine on your own.

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@venekor said:

All I hear from people is how much it sucks, how your choices have no impact on the story, how the city is pointless etc etc.

You mean that game that got an A on 1UP, 5/5 on Giant Bomb, 9/10 on GameSpot, 8.5/10 at IGN, 4.5/5 at Joystiq, 39/40 in Famitsu, 8/10 in Edge, 8/10 at Eurogamer, 5/5 in GamePro...

Oh and me, saying it's a brilliant game. I think you probably talked to about five people and made up the critical consensus in your own head.

@venekor said:

I approached it like it was an adventure game, I was under no illusions that it would be GTA where I'd be roaming all over causing chaos. I'm just glad it wasn't totally linear and gave me a bit of freedom, even though the city doesn't really have much at all to do in it, it makes me feel like I'm part of this living world and not a series of levels.

It's a game that literally make all action sequence and all driving totally optional. You didn't approach it in some new way, you approached like the game it is.

That said, that last mission when it devolves into a straight up action game, it's pretty unforgivable.

@venekor said:

In fact I got that experience the other day while watching something on Netflix and for some reason it kept stopping, I had to keep pressing play. I understand the criticism, but then why do so many other games which have far worse stories, where you choices have just as little impact on the story, why do they get a free pass?

Be specific here, what games? What games are getting a free pass?

And the game intentionally contradicts you here -- your choices actually don't matter for the first third of the game because you never have a chance to catch the real killer. That's not a criticism either, I liked that, but there's no denying you are lead down a linear path in this game that leads to only one conclusion. It just widens the road now and then.

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Yes. Honestly deep down I still hate GTA Online most of the time, but I have 14 days logged. Mainly because playing it with my friends is usually a pretty good time.

The other game I play but really hate deep down is Destiny. Haven't played it as much the past couple months but I actually remember playing Destiny, thinking "why the hell am I playing this?" and then continued playing it for 6 hours.

This is a serious question -- When does GTA Online become fun? Put the new heists aside for a second, when did you start enjoying GTA Online? I bought it with a friend specifically to play it online, but hours and hours later we gave up.

Forced cutscenes I don't care about, a stupid lobby system for missions, huge load time, bugs that kicked me back to the single-player (more loading) and then had me go back into multiplayer (more loading), repetitive missions... I mean I actively wanted to like this game and really tried to overlook so many things, but I just couldn't do it. I put too much time into that piece of shit and got nothing out of it.

So yeah... what was the highlight? When did you have fun?

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Death Proof at 0% ... seems about right. I mean it's not a terrible film, but it is very boring and easily his least creative. Even he said it's his worst film.

Anyway, Pulp Fiction is easily number one. The rest... any order make sense really.

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@krullban said:

@corevi said:

Fuck all the conspiracy theories about this game. They are all garbage and operate on an idealized version of Kojima that only exists to fuck with you.

Like he doesn't? He literally revealed the game with fake trailers for a new IP, with a fake developer, where he went to events wearing a mask with bandages around it saying he got into an injury.

Can I just say that all that bullshit with fake developer and trailer lead to fuck all and was a huge waste of time. I mean he made a fake company called Moby Dick games and did what with it? Later revealed it was fake and the trailer was for Metal Gear Solid V? Something I read the same day the "mysterious" trailer was released. There was no mystery, it added nothing. Kojima needs an editor or someone to bounce ideas off, otherwise you end up with that two hour epilogue at the end of Metal Gear Solid 4 which was the WORST case of lazy story telling in a game (telling, not showing) I have ever seen.

Have you heard his recent bullshit about wanting the player to project themselves onto Big Boss so they made him speak less in this game? A man who's ideas and opinions have been well-established in MULTIPLE games and NOW he wants the player to project onto Boss? Does he know how stupid that sounds? Couldn't he just say "Kiefer was expensive, less talky more shooting".

Negativity aside, still looking forward to this game ... ... ... I'll stop ranting now.

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I really like Majora's Mask. Jeff really hates it. I like Jeff. I disagree with Jeff. Life goes on.

I mean I read reviews to make purchasing decisions, but if I find that I don't agree with someone else's opinion I'm not so insecure that I have to fight them and prove them wrong and myself right. Granted if someone wants to be a hardcore dickhead about something -- either extreme loving a game I don't like or hating a game I think I do like -- I'll just write off their opinion and again move on. Sort of like the over-the-top defence of The Order from people on here that admitted to not playing the game yet - to me their opinion is totally invalid and based solely on press releases and trailers.

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I'll tell you one thing Giant Bomb isn't lacking in -- clickbait forum post titles.