Nerdboy Blog: 18 - Super Special Amazing Christmas Edition!

So Christmas has come and gone as have yet another year.  This year for me I really didn't care too much about getting things and all that good stuff.  I was much more focused on remembering the reason my family celebrates Christmas....but that is a WHOLE other conversation.  I have what I want in life so I just told my parents to be creative...seeing as now that I'm 18 this is the last year they'll actually get me a lot of stuff anyways.

SO I could tell you what I got.  But why do that when I can show you in the usual Nerdboy fashion :D

Epic stuff
Epic stuff


Pretty big and REALLY soft.  I'm crazy about Penguins so this is a huge win in the gifts category. :D


Chocolate Penguin

It was really hard to bite into but tasted REALLY good.  Very good chocolate, it's a penguin but was a little TOO hard for my teethes liking.


Penguin Flash Drive 4GB

Yeah it's the one from my past blog.  Parents made me wait until Christmas for it.  4GB of storage is a major plus and it works like a charm.  Plus it's a penguin.


Penguin Tissues


1/10 (only because there's a penguin on it)

Penguin Mug

Pretty heavy, has a Penguin on one side with snow flakes around it.  Will be good for use with Hot Chocolate :)


Chuck: Season One Blu-Ray

Chuck is a very amazing show.  One of the few I actually watch these days.  Looks great on Blu-Ray though I've only yet watched the first episode.  Will also be good for watching Chuck while I wait for Season 2 to resume :D


Hancock Blu-Ray

Loved the movie.  Will Smith.  Looks great on Blu-Ray.  Will Smith. 


Pursuit of Happyness Blu-Ray

Will Smith.  Amazing Movie.  Looks amazing on Blu-Ray. 


Dualshock 3 Controller

Second Dualshock 3 which brings me to 3 total controllers.  Win for my friends here.


Nerds Candy

Love nerds candy.  But it didn't last very long. (About 2 seconds)


3 Ornament Shaped Coca-Cola's

Taste like Coke, looks like Coke, amazing just like Coke.


Marshmellow Christmas Candy

Wasn't very good.....





3 Mechanical Pencils

I needed them for I got to use one to draw a little when we lost power a few hours ago :D


Runts Candy Cane

Not a huge Runts fan.  Let my friend have it.



Needed to get me some more minutes for my phone so that helped out a good bit.


I also got me a $50 PSN card in which I picked up these games/add ons :D............

Crash Commando:

When this and Fat Princess first debued I was, to say the least, PUMPED.  I mean these two games looked AWESOME!  Crash Commando does not dissapoint.  So far I've gotten a Commando level on all the single player missions and played a couple Online Matches.  I'm absolutely loving this game and can see me playing it for quite some time to come :D


MGS/LBP Level Pack:

ZOMG the Paintanator is freaking amazing!  Also the levels are pretty sweet too!  This level pack is well worth it and makes me super excited for future level packs :D


LBP Animals Costume Pack:

One of the reasons I didn't get the MGS Costume pack was because, even though I absolutely LOVE MGS, I am pretty against paying money for costumes.  But there's a PENGUIN in this pack :D and it was also pretty cheap so I had too :P

8/10 (only because the penguin costume is epic)

Penny Arcade: On the Rain Slick Precipice of Darkness Ep. 1:

I've played about an hour or so of this.  Loving it so far.  Though there is something about it, not quite sure what, that keeps me from being able to say that the game is absolutely amazing.  So for now, until I reach a point in the game where it gets better, it's only just pretty sweet.


Age of Booty (w/ 5 Free Map Packs)

When I first saw this game I was like meh.  When it came out I was like meh.  When I played the demo I was like ZOMG I NEED MORE!  SO I bought it and love it.  Haven't played too much of it but I'm really excited to get into the Map Creator :D


Linger In Shadows:

Ummmmm I'm still really confused as to what the heck was going on......


Well okay there you have it.  That's what I got for Christmas and how each gift ranks in my book.  How did your Christmas go???  And just a little heads up, incase you didn't catch on, I'm pretty freaking crazy about Penguins :P