Favorite Game for Each Platform I own

(Idea shamelessly stolem from Marino, and that line was stolen from StarFoxA)



I love games, but each platfor has its best. Here are mine:


NOTE: I only use systems I have a larger library for.

List items

  • SNES: OMG, There is no game better. The colors, gameplay, and pure joy are a crowd pleaser. If you haven't played Mario World, then why the hell are you reading this? GO! Emulate it, buy it, I DON"T CARE, PLAY THIS GAME RIGHT NOW DAMMIT!

  • 2600. Doubt it? No, I do not. The simple platforming and action make for hours of play, non-stop.

  • Game.com: For a terrible handheld, this is a great game. Always bet on Duke.

  • NES: There are hundreds of great games for the NES, but this game is the best of its time. The new power ups (P-Wing, Whistle), new abilitys (Flying, throwing shells), this game is sooooo awesome and inspired hundreds of games.

  • PC: This is the only platform I am goint to cheat on. This game is the best MEch sim I have seen yet, and all of the DLCs on MekTek, (i.e., Weapons, Mechs, maps) this game will having you blowing hours and braincells on multiplayer.

  • PC: This is the only platform I am goint to cheat on. I LOVE Warcraft, the great mechanics and graphics, wich were ahead of its time, are eye stunning and mek you never wan't to quit.

  • PC: This is the only platform I am goint to cheat on. Starcraft is in mt opinion the best RTS ever. I love controlling 12 battalions of Seige Tanks and Firebats.

  • Xbox: Halo 2 improves on everything in the first Hako making the Killer App even more Killer.

  • Zodiac: 2 Duke games? Right. origanaly a Mobile game, this game made the Zodiac so awesome. Better than that of Duke Nukem Advance.

  • PS3: inFamous is just awesome, using lightning manipulation to crush and burn Reapers. I also love the Karma System. Evil FTW!

  • 360: I love the new forge. Though the story was given' away by the book, I love campaing anyway. I also like how you can make your own weapon.

  • N64: Alot of people dislike this game, but I am not one of those people. I love the concept, and the game itself is memorable.

  • CD-i. Don't ask.

  • My favorite FMV. I love this zombie game, other FMV's cant compare.