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I love the Internet

Here's a great post I found on a news site about 360 sales over PS3 sales, now thats not what important. What is Important is that I found probebly the funniest most missinformed person on the internet.
Heres a couple of quotes.

"I am gonna talk here the Truth u people know and specially the 360 owners, know that the 360 has been on sale for almost more then a half decade and the PS3 jus have like 2 years"
Thats just awesome. Did you guys know that the 360 was released more then 3 years before the PS3? I feel like an idiot for waiting untill a year before the PS3 came out.
Here hes comparing the PS3 and 360 to cars and the costs for those in the long run.
"its like buying a Toyota Corolla and buying a Hybrid yes the Hybrid cost more but in the long run u barely have to use gas while in the cheap a** Corolla u gotta go like twice a week and with the hybrid just one lets see now who spends more money"
 I dont know really but I fill up my car once a month and I use my car every day to go to work and to the store a few times a week(I drive about 700km/435miles a month). Those who drive 1400km a week you'd have to drive 14h @ 100km/h(60miles/h) to get to those figures. Also it has pretty much been proven that unless you use the Prius for city travel only and only during short periods it consumes more gas then another normal petrol car in the same class. And that a modern Diesel is far more economical and better to the enviroment then a Prius.

"And the stupid s*** of the ring of death thats something planned dude what console or even a computer tells u that it is going to get ****ed up soon, so prepare yourself cause i got like a week of utility. The green lights turn red when the **** they put a red light on the 360 and why the green lights turn red thats bulls***."
I dont really know what hes talking about here, something about RROD or the green light turning red being a conspirisy, I dont know but its really funny.

 "Before the PS3 was released u guys were talking "ohh my god the ps3 gets so hot bro u can make hamburgers on it""
I'm not sure but he might have missunderstood when ppl said it looked like a grill.
Also, heres the best signe of I've ever seen
"So talk s*** all u want u know that i am telling the truth u ignorant so love u guys XOXO LOL LOL BYE sucka"
Its is why I love the Internet. It makes me feel smart :)
This is not meant as a console war post or anything, I just found this guy hillarious. I myself couldn't care less if the PS3 is better then the 360 or the other way around since I have both. And love them both for what they give me in the form of entertainment.
U ignorant so I love u guys XOXO LOL LOL BUY sucka!