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It's Official. Nokia is out of their damn mind.


They have just announced the N900 thats said to be an internet focused phone that runs on a linux based OS called Maemo. The internet browser in it is based on Mozilla tech(firefox) and has Flash 9.4support(upgradable) , it has a touchscreen and a slide out qwerty keyboard and has similar look to it as the N97(that I currently own) and heres the kicker. The phone has 1GB of RAM. Fuck! I have 3GB on my PC and that little thing has 1GB!!! Hell, you could run every damn phone application ever created and it wont even slow down one bit.

I'm both pissed and excited since I bought the N97 2 months ago for 650€ and this new phone will be around 500€. The N97 and N900 are practicly identical except for the different OS and Insane ammount of RAM.
Im totally getting it though. I'm stupid that way.

Hers a link http://maemo.nokia.com/