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No reason not to pick this up 0

 The drop ship has landed and it is finally time to kick some Helgast ass! Aw yes, one of the most anticipated games on the PS3 is finally on store shelves. And now the smoke has lifted, what does it reveal, does it deliver on all the promises? Or more importantly should I buy this? I will not waste your time any further and just give you the answer. HELL YEA you should buy it! Wait so is this game that good? Yes. So should I go buy it? yyyyeeeessss. Ok enough of this one-sided argument and just...

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A must have for PS3 Owners 1

Resistance 2 is the most anticipated games for the Playstation 3 this year. With all the hype and mystery surrounding Resistance 2 does it live up? Short answer is yes, long answer is still yes but not perfect.             A lot of criticism has gone to the story. The story is quite good and really answers some questions involving the first one. Unfortunately the problem is that it was not told as well as the first one was told. For example the there are many cut scenes missing where there shoul...

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Socom leaps onto the PS3 but falls short of something amazing 0

      If you had a ps2 back in the day you had to have Socom. They were great games and really game new meaning to tactical shooters. So I was very excited to say the least when i heard that Socom was finally coming to the PS3. Had it preordered and everything, I couldn't wait. The day came and I went and picked it up and immediately popped it. After a few rounds I realized that a lot of things in this game just don't work.      After you log in you will notice that the menu screens are online s...

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Two great series finally come together 0

When i heard about this game i was so excited. Two of my most favorite franchises were coming together. But i didn't really seeing this so well in the US or would it come out anytime soon so i went ahead and imported a copy. As i expected it was really straight forward. got your attack, charged attack and the good old musou attack. Story mode or "official mode" is nice. You play as one of six characters going through their story based on the Anime/manga. That being said there are still only 6 ch...

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