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Have a request for you all

Hey guys, so you guys are probably like wtf, another blog this soon but I have a favor to ask you.This dude named Shawn started an NFL prediction thread that is located over here and we would like it if more people would join. The thread already has about 21 people and we recently changed the rankings system so as to better help the new comers be more competitive. We have big plans for that thread, if more people join that is and yeah...if you are interested in joining, either leave a comment on this blog or PM Shawn who is the head cheese. Also, just so you guys know, it is a pretty simple concept. You just predict the winners every week and you dont even have to predict the scores on the games, so yeah. It is pretty simple stuff. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Also, its free :) and we have free cookies there...yumm!!